This Video Of A Toddler Giving Rooster A Ride Is Melting Our Hearts

Chisom Ndianefo
A Rooster
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You can't ignore this heartwarming video of a little boy offering a lovely rooster a ride in his super toy. Animals and humans have a really interesting relationship, and several times, we're lucky to witness these rare moments captured by strangers on the internet.

Keep on reading for the rundown of this awesome moment.

Rooster In A Truck

Heitor Borges has a large following of 607k fans on Instagram on an account handled by his parents. He's often captured playing with this pet rooster in videos on his page.

The account put us all in a giddy mood when a new video of him giving a rooster a nice lift dropped. The toddler lifted the fluffy rooster in the back of his toy truck, and off they rode. We're sure that duck probably wants a ride, too, as it accompanies the pair till the end of the video.

These are a few freebies you enjoy when a toddler is your human, and it's adorable.

Everyone Loves The Video

The video caption, when translated to English reads,

"While the rain gives a truce, let's make the most of it, guys." and viewers can't seem to get over the adorable scene with over 40k comments.

One user commented, "The most impressive thing is the wisdom of the animal knowing that it is a child and harmless!" Another user, intrigued by the accompanying duck wrote, "Very beautiful!!!! The interesting thing is that the duck accompanies him too lol and the rooster stays where he wants! This boy is very cute."

The third user gave accolades to the rooster for being very well-behaved and wrote,

"The passenger is more professional than the driver itself." and we can't agree more. "I thought the rooster was going to jump out on the first swing that the bike gave.. but Nah, she enjoyed the ride. But what caught my attention the most was the pegs in boots, what a "hot" thing. It's the best," a fourth user commented.

Roosters Get Along With Other Pets

Why did the duck feel so comfortable being the third wheel on that little trip? Well, it's because roosters get along well with other pets they're raised around or have slowly been introduced to. However, you may want to cage your rooster through the familiarization process to protect him from getting hurt or getting into a fight.

Roosters Are Quick Learners

A Rooster
Unsplash | Scott Goodwill

You can teach your pet rooster a few tricks because they're quick learners and are always eager to please their owners. It's, however, best to start training them as a baby chick, but older roosters learn quickly what you like and don't like.