Witness How Clingy Baby Panda Is While Demanding Attention From Caretaker

Cha Miñoza
Baby panda clinging on a branch.
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What's better than a panda? A clingy baby panda! They are incredibly cute, cuddly, and friendly, making them one of the most beloved animals on the planet.

One panda cub was caught on camera being extra clingy to the caretaker, making people on Twitter want to switch careers. The needy panda was so intent on giving hugs that the carer was having a hard time continuing his work.

This adorable duo has won our hearts and now, we kind of want to be a panda nanny too!

Scroll down to watch the cute video.

Baby Panda Wants Attention

Baby panda
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All the adorable cub wants is to cling to his caretaker! The baby bear did his best to cling to his carer's leg, while the man was busy setting up the enclosure. The caretaker lifted the panda back up to the bamboo platform so he can continue his work. But, the possessive panda just kept going back for more tight hugs.

It was an adorable cycle of cuteness that we can't get enough of!

People React To The Viral Video

Twitter comments
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The video uploaded by @buitengebieden has gained nearly 5 million views on Twitter. People have been discussing in the comment section how difficult it must be to contain yourself and remain focused. If there was a baby panda following you around, you would probably be distracted too.

"Oh yes please I would give anything for that job. Forget clearing those bamboo twigs I want to hold the pandas," one person wrote.

How To Be A Panda Nanny?

Being a panda caretaker or a "panda nanny" in China is a real thing and it is being labeled as the BEST job in the world. According to China Daily, the post pays around $32,000 per year, plus meals, board, and the use of an SUV. Competition is tough in this industry (we're not surprised!), with a hiring ratio of 40 applicants for one job on average.

The job is not as easy as one may think, as pandas can get rowdy too. Yes, they are cute but they are still wild animals with large teeth and sharp claws. Caretakers can get scratched and wounded from rough play in enclosures.

You Have Only One Mission

Caring for pandas is so widely popular that the majority of the staff at China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center are volunteers. According to a news post, about 80% of their staff are volunteers from Europe, Japan, and the United States.

“Your work has only one mission,” reports China Daily. “Spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows. You need perseverance for this job."

Where do we sign up?!