Grandma Leaves TikTokers Amazed After Capturing Granddaughter's Ear Trick

Ashabi Azeez
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There are a lot of unique things people do. A grandma recently shocked TikTokers with a video. The video showed her granddaughter doing an ear trick. The video has gone viral leaving TikTok users amazed at the unique ability. 

Grandma Captures Granddaughter's Ear Trick

In a recent video uploaded on TikTok, a grandma shared her granddaughter's unique ear trick. The video left viewers stunned at what the little girl could do with her ears. In the TikTok video, the grandmother did a video of her granddaughter closing her ears voluntarily. The amazed grandmother with the username, @elizabethcastill053 could not conceal her pride.

The video showed the little girl closing and opening her ear with ease. In the video, Castillo explained she first noticed the rare ability when the little girl was around loud noises. At first, Castillo was "freaked out" when she saw it. However, she thinks it is really cool now. 

Viral Footage Inspired TikTok Users 

The short unique clip was able to inspire TikTokers to try wiggling their ears like the little girl. The rare trick has gone viral with several people attempting it. The video has gotten over 975,000 views and 63,000 likes. The viral video also has almost 2,000 comments since the video was uploaded. This was not the first time unique bodily functions have gone viral. In the past, there was a viral video of a breastfeeding mom who pumped strawberry milk. However, Elizabeth Castillo's Granddaughter's ear trick is the icing on the cake. 

Medical Report About The Ear Movement

A TikToker volunteered to solve the mystery behind the strange ear movement. The user shared that the girl can move her tensor tympani muscles. Healthline also has a report concerning the ear. Their report states that the human ear has three segments. This includes the external, middle, and inner ear. There are two muscles in the middle ear and the tensor tympani muscle is one. The tympanic cavity is the hollow space of the middle ear. 

The eardrums vibrate when sound waves penetrate the external ear. The vibration is then sent to the three smallest bones in the body called ossicles. The report further states that the muscles in the middle ear can regulate the movement of the ossicles. When loud songs are heard, the muscles contract thereby reducing the vibration of the bones. When this happens it is called an acoustic reflex. This is also a very rare thing people can do. 

TikTokers Comment On The Viral Video

A lot of TikTok users could not conceal their amazement over the ear trick. Some users wished they could do the same thing. Others commented on how unique the little girl was. However, some users stated they could do the same. A user shared that they do it all the time. Another commented they do it when in high altitudes or airplanes. While another user joked about the ability being the "True definition of 'selective hearing!'" The video just proves the human body is unique in many ways.