9 Times Dwayne Johnson Played The Same Character

Chisom Ndianefo
Dwayne Johnson
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The man, the myth, and the moment. Dwayne Johnson's acting talent is ordinary, and his ability to interpret various roles perfectly has earned him a top spot amongst Hollywood's finest actors.

However, there're times when the actor may have played the same kind of character more than once - approximately 9 times. Not like we mind, though; it was simply a case of the actor being very good at his typecast.

Keep reading for the details.

'Resident Doting Dad' And 'The Game Plan'

Johnson seems to have a flair for being the accidental dad who stumbles on kids and ends up taking responsibility for their wellness.

In Race To Witch Mountain, Johnson played an ex-military man who discovers two alien kids and agrees to help them back on their seized ship. In the movie, the star harbors a deep dislike for children but finds himself deeply caring for the alien twin siblings Sara and Seth.

He repeats the same script in The Game Plan, where he plays Joe Kingman, the most popular NFL quarterback; he enters into a web of unplanned fatherhood and ends up loving the child even as much as donning ballet slippers.

'Tooth Fairy' And 'Hank'

Dwayne Johnson In His Black Adam Suit
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In Tooth Fairy, Johnson played Derek Thompson - the pro hockey player who squashes ice on the magic of the tooth fairy and ends up with the responsibility of taking the mantle of the real Tooth Fairy.

As Hank in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Johnson transforms into a jungle man with a gray shirt who's a stepfather to adventure lover Shawn and accompanies him on a journey to find his lost grandfather.

'San Andreas,' 'Rampage,' And 'Jumanji'

Johnson plays the strong hero for this one as he plays a rescue chopper who joins his ex-wife to search for their daughter amidst the debris of earthquakes in the area. San Andreas is a movie about the San Andreas fault line.

For Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Johnson plays Dr. Bravestone but with a twist as Spencer is trapped in Bravestone's body as he steps into the big shoes of leading the pack and touring the jungle in his classic brown adventurer shirt.

The former WWE star plays Dr. Okoye in another arcade-styled movie titled, Rampage. He plays the strong protector of animals, willing to go the extra mile for the ones he loves. He trades the usual jungle life for the city and follows George through the streets of Chicago.

'Skyscraper' And 'Jungle Cruise'

Johnson tried his hands at disaster movies, and in Skyscraper, he plays a former FBI agent Will Sawyer who gets framed for a fire accident; to save his wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) and their two locked children inside, he must ascend 240 stories.

For the final movie, Dwayne stars as Frank in Jungle Cruise; The captain of the vessel that transports Emily Blunt's Lily down the Amazon Rivers is a character named Skippy, Frank's other name. He initially appears to be a friendly sailor looking for some quick cash. However, he is a knowledgeable local skilled at navigating hazardous waters.

In addition to the horrors that await him in the fantasy film, he has a history with the waters he is familiar with. Frank is, in fact, more involved with the infamous Tears of the Moon and villain Aguirre than he initially admits.