Jackie Chan Confirms Exciting News About 'Rush Hour'

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Jackie Chan standing in front of a 'Rush Hour' backdrop
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When the American buddy action comedy film Rush Hour first hit the screens in September 1998, it was a huge success, racking about $70 million at the Box Office. Directed by Brett Ratner, the movie starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as two mismatched police partners who team up to rescue a Chinese Diplomat's kidnapped daughter. The movie's success inspired two follow-ups Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3, released in 2001 and 2007, respectively.

Now, over 15 years since the third installment aired, fans of the action-comedy film have something to smile about. According to Jackie, the franchise's fourth installment is officially in the works. Here's a deeper look at the martial arts extraordinaire's revelation.

'Rush Hour 4' Is Coming!

On December 8, 2022, Jackie appeared on stage at the Red Sea Film Festival and did not come empty-handed. The actor came bearing one of the best news the Rush Hour fans have been waiting to hear. Jackie said they were already talking about making a fourth installment. Along with dropping the big news, the actor said he would meet with the film's director later in the evening to discuss the script.

However, though Jackie didn't mention the director by name, many have speculated that it won't be Brett, who directed the three original Rush Hour movies. The director's last credit was in 2014's Hercules, as his career took a great fall afterward following sexual harassment and misconduct allegations leveled against him.

Jackie On Being A Part Of 'Rush Hour'

During his speech at the festival, Jackie said due to his past luck with movies in America, he expected Rush Hour to be a flop. According to the actor, he was fed up with the business of Hollywood when the script initially came his way and didn't want to go for it. However, after his manager pushed him, Jackie agreed but noted that the project would be his last before quitting acting forever.

However, everything changed after the movie was released. Chris and Brett called the actor to inform him about Rush Hour's success in its first week, and it was enough reason for Jackie to remain in Hollywood and be a part of the second and third installments. 

Jackie's Early Years In The Movie Industry

Jackie Chan had a tough start in Hollywood
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Many are acquainted with Jackie's achievements in Hollywood, but few know how it all began. According to the actor, his time in the movie industry started with him being a stuntman for Bruce Lee. The latter had taken an interest in Jackie on the set of Fist of Fury and would often cast him in overtime shifts to clock extra pay from the production. But decades later, Jackie is now one of the most famous names in Hollywood.

Jackie On Making Drama Film For Women

Jackie is known for mostly appearing in action movies. However, at the Red Sea Film Festival, the actor said he planned on making fewer action movies and more love stories. The Karate Kid star also mentioned that he had a project which he described as a drama film made for women in the works. He hoped that someday, he could release it in the United States for everyone to see.