Watch How Pete Davidson Hilariously Freaks Out Eli Manning by Showing His Bedroom

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Pete Davidson
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Comedian Pete Davidson is the talk of the town right now thanks to his recent relationships and getting on the bad side of Kanye West. The 29-year-old New York native was recently pictured with model-turned-author Emily Ratajkowski just a few months after splitting up with Kim Kardashian. Recently, in what he describes as a 'make-a-wish' day, Davidson got to spend a day with two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and New York Giants legend, Eli Manning.

Eli Manning Visits Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson
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New York Giants legend Eli Manning is still very much a part of the team despite retiring from the sport in 2019. He features regularly on the YouTube channel and has a show to himself as well. In the latest installation of the 'Eli Manning Show,' the younger Manning brother visited Pete Davidson at his house.

A Room Dedicated to Eli Manning

At first, the 41-year-old was given a tour of the house. The former Giants man was shocked when he entered Davidson's room which was covered in posters, photos, models, and every single memorabilia available of Eli Manning. Then the two men proceeded to chat a bit before playing Madden NFL 23 on the PS5. While playing the game, Davidson, a lifelong Giants fan, bonded with Manning over his love for the team. The two went over fond memories they had of the team and named their favorite coaches as well. Manning and Davidson also started an Instagram account together which has almost 66,000 followers at the time of writing.

Pete Davidson Names His Favorite Comedians

In the same video, Manning asked Pete Davidson who his favorite stand-up comedians were that inspired him the most. He said, "Eddie Murphy is number one. He is in a category of his own. Eddie Murphy had the number-one movie, the number-one Santa special, and the number-one pop song in the same f**king year. Then you go Chappelle, Burr, Rock, and Mulaney. The guy who is killing it the most right now, who is like about to be the next big thing is Shane Gillis. He is just funnier than anybody I have ever seen."

Return to Standup

When asked if he still does standup, Davidson said, “I haven’t in a while because the streets are a little hot right now for PD. It is just a little hot out there, If I go try a joke I have to explain myself… it is just not the time for me right now. I can’t wait to do it again.”