Lonely Sheep Enjoys Company Of Visitors

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of A Sheep
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Given that we have been led to believe that sheep are agricultural animals, you might wonder if they are friendly. We see large herds grazing on mountains, and in fields, because they are raised for wool or meat, but would they make suitable pets?

Sheep are more intelligent than we typically believe. They are frequently calm and simple to train. It's not always easy or feasible for everyone to own a pet sheep, however TikTok user @kttravel led us on a journey where we met a loving, fluffy sheep - a dream come true.

Have You Seen A Sheep This Friendly?

As seen in the video, the sheep is all alone and starts to draw close when he notices the sound of the visitor. The cutest part is the way the sheep gently puts its head out while getting mild strokes from @kktravels. Clearly you can see that the sheep is very friendly and enjoyed the company of its new friend, which made her decide she would pay the sheep a visit next time.

Visit Katie's TikTok for updates on her new furry companion.

Heartwarming Reactions From Tiktok

Other TikTokers were fascinated with what they saw as they took to the comment section to express themselves;

"He is the most exotic dog I have ever seen," "aww, sheep aren’t meant to be solitary creatures." "People don't seem to realize that the reason he's so friendly is because he's obviously been treated very well by the farmer,

Another added.

However, some of us worried the happy and friendly sheep is lonely was relieved when another Tiktoker revealed ;

"this is just temporary. He’s just finished tupping the ewes, he won’t be alone for long."

They Are Herd Animals

Typically, keeping one sheep as a pet is not an option. Sheep are herd animals and require the company of other sheep to thrive.

You must account for the expense and effort involved in caring for multiple animals if you want to keep sheep as pets. You ought to have at least two sheep, but five or more is preferable since they eventually begin to exhibit their natural flocking inclinations.

Fantastic Companions

Sheep must be around other sheep, yet because of their kind nature, they may be fantastic companions for people. A lamb reared on a bottle can strongly attach to a person. This is because kids are urged to think of humans who tend to them as motherly figures.