Anna Kendrick 'Pushed To Breaking Point' In New 'Alice, Darling' Trailer

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Anna Kendrick
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Anna Kendrick is making major headlines for the trailer of the new Alice, Darling movie. The Pitch Perfect star has typically made it big in comedy movies and TV series, but it's hard-hitting stuff as she now stars in a movie seeing her hit "breaking point" at the hands of an abusive boyfriend. Anna's character is seen as trapped in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Simon, played by Charlie Carrick, in the wake of a psychologically abusive one. The trailer is now all fans can talk about as 37-year-old Anna proves her drama abilities.

'Alice, Darling' Trailer

Anna Kendrick
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The trailer sees Anna's character Alice meeting up with two friends while at a bar. She is invited to a birthday break but looks nervous because she is quickly seen preparing an excuse for her boyfriend. Alice comes up with having to go to a "sales thing," with her friends saying that they just want her "to relax." Alice asks: "Relax in what way?" Her friends are quick to confront her, getting real and asking her when Simon became "more important" to her than them.

Release Date Revealed

Fans waiting to see the flick can hit theaters for it on December 30 in L.A., although the rest of the U.S. will need to wait until January 20, 2023.

“When they sent me the script, I remembered that I read a quote years ago, Sam Taylor-Wood, the director, said that Joe Wright, who's another British director, said to her that you should direct the movies that you feel you know a secret about, or the scripts that you feel you know a secret about," Anna told Collider.

She added: "And I suppose there's many ways of interpreting that, but when I read the script Alice, Darling, I felt like I knew I could do something quite interesting with it."

'Love Life'

Anna has, in the run-up to Alice, Darling, proven popular with two series of feel-good romantic comedy Love Life, although her character did take a back seat for Season 2. Anna has also been making 2022 headlines for reuniting with former costar Rebel Wilson.

Fans Can't Wait

Anna promoted her new movie on Instagram back in September. Fans were quick to comment, with one noting Anna's director role. "Way to Go, Anna! And I'm happy that you're making your directorial debut too," they wrote.

Anna is followed by 22.8 million on Instagram. For more on her and updates on Alice, Darling, check out the account.