Cardi B Removes Butt Injection And Speaks On The Ills Of Plastic Surgery

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Cardi B
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Cardi B is getting candid with her fans on her Instagram Live on December 6 to warn her fans and followers about the dangers of butt injections while admitting that she's had a reasonable percentage of hers removed.

The rapper has been open about getting work done on her body in the past, so speaking up on another body-altering episode isn't a new thing for her.

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Removing Her Biopolymers

The Grammy winner revealed on the live that during her son's pregnancy, she put on some weight in the derriere area combined with some butt injections, which she claimed she took out in August.

"In August I did surgery and I removed 95% of my biopolymers.. If you don't know what it is, it's a** shots. It was a really crazy process."

This isn't the first time she has been honest about her plastic surgery, in 2018, she spoke to GQ about her butt injections that she took in a Queens basement for $800 and described it as the worst pain she has ever felt and how her butt leaked for five days.

Warning Her Fans On The Dangers Of Biopolymers

After the big revelation, she warned her fans and followers about the dangers of the procedure regardless of their age and how "skinny" they think they look, claiming she's super against it.

"All i'm going to say is that if you're young, if you're 19, 20, 21 and sometimes you're too skinny, and you be like OMG I don't have enough fat to put in my a**, so you result to ass shots b**** don't f***g do it."

She added a serious disclaimer.

"I'm super against biopolymers."

Extra Butt Shaping

The Bodak Yellow rapper further revealed that her doctors had to shape her butt due to removing the injections, admitting that it was a lot to take out. She also pledged her support to her followers interested in altering their bodies.

"I all the way support you if you want to do alterations to your body, but do Not get a** shots."

Cardi B also gave her two cents on Brazilian Butt Lifts BBL on the live.

"When it comes to BBLs, if y'all want advise from me, before you get your BBL done you have to make sure your blood levels are all right. If a doctor says your blood levels are too low or you have diabetes or whatever, don't do it."

She encouraged fans to do their background checks on their preferred doctor because a doctor that is good for her, may be bad for someone else.

Cardi B Has Fixed Her Boobs And Belly

Cardi B And Offset
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The star has also done liposuction and breast augmentation, as she revealed back in 2019 at the Beale Street Music Festival. She's married to Migos rapper Offset, and they share two children, Kulture,4, and Wave, 15 months.