TikTok Can't Get Over Swimming Horse

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
A white-and-black striped horse swimming
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It may be surprising to some that horses can swim, but they have a natural instinct to start treading when they hit deep waters and readily perform a paddle-like action not too different from trotting. Horses are very competent swimmers due to their huge lungs, which help them to float. As horses cannot breathe underwater, they naturally keep their heads above the surface.

Besides their instincts for swimming, horses enjoy getting in the water, as displayed in a viral TikTok recently. The video capturing the playful horse flaunting its swimming skills has been making the rounds on social media.

Let's take a look at the viral video and what netizens had to say about it. 

Inside The Viral Horse Video 

On November 26, TikTok user @lilymichael shared a video of a horse named Ruby taking a swim. The video begins with a man leading the beautiful horse into the water by the reins while Ruby's owner makes a video. Then, following the man's guidance, Ruby makes her way from the shallow part to the deep part of the pool.

While swimming, the horse keeps its head above the water and paddles its legs. At some point, Ruby begins to make snorting noises, but the account handler urges TikTokers not to worry about them in the text overlay. According to @lilymichael, the horse kept snorting because it was its third time in the pool and Ruby seemed excited to be back.

Netizens Shared Their Reactions

With nearly a thousand comments, TikTokers have expressed their thoughts about the heartwarming sight. One user wrote about the snorting noises, noting that it was probably because it felt so good to have the pressure taken off Ruby's joints. Another user suggested that the horse licking its lips in the video was a good sign, adding that it was a good swim for Ruby.

No Shortage Of Comments

Other netizens pointed out some of Ruby's body movements and reactions that made them believe she was having a good time. According to one TikToker:

"Look at those ears! That is a horse that felt good getting some pressure off of their joints🥰."

Another user said she always felt happy seeing horses enjoy themselves and be satisfied. According to them, all creatures deserve kindness and love.

Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming provides extensive benefits for horses and is a good form of rehabilitation and training as well as a fun recreational activity. Aqua therapy is an excellent form of low-impact exercise for both humans and horses. Combined with groundwork, most horses significantly improve fitness and athletic performances.