Watch The Hilarious Moment Shaquille O'Neal Voluntarily Dives Into A Christmas Tree

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of Shaquille O'Neal
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Kenny Smith must have an incredible reservoir of strength to push successfully

Shaquille O'Neal, who is a 7-foot frame, into a Christmas tree. Smith and Shaq were midway through a segment on Tuesday's broadcast of 'NBA on TNT' when they abruptly stood up from their desks and hurried to the back of the stage.

The former Los Angeles Laker then hilariously knocked Shaq into the enormous Christmas tree at the side of the stage as they were racing, tumbling clean through with only his feet sticking out. Following the incident, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson seemed to be reminiscing about the occurrence as Shaq gave them another view of how he got shoved into the tree, which is hilarious.

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This Means War

In a blue suit and white sneakers, Shaq tells the game break crew that he would dive into the tree while the others disagree that theirs no way he would do that. The actor goes on to leap, shoving his hefty frame into the Christmas tree, which impacted that tree as he stood up, holding some branches from the tree and a silver decorative ball attached to the tree. As the made his way back to the crew, he playfully drooped the branches of the trees while throwing the decorative ball at Charles Barkley and jokingly told Kenny not to shove him into a Christmas tree again.

Where It All Started

Interestingly, things on "NBA on TNT" suddenly turned competitive as Shaquille O'Neal and analyst Kenny Smith raced to the set's large screen. The two argued about who was the fastest, so they decided to settle the issue by competing in a race to the big board.

However, Smith decided to break the rules, and as the two were striding towards the finish line neck and neck, he knocked Shaq into the enormous Christmas tree on the set to take a contentious victory. O'Neal's enormous legs poking out of the Christmas tree caused the cast and crew to laugh until they were in stitches.

Hilarious Moment At TNT

After the fall, just his sizable shoes hanging from the tree were visible to the camera. Co-hosts Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley came over to help Shaq, making it a team effort to get him out from beneath the tree.

O'Neal landed next to a large red bag that read "Shaq-A-Claus," which seemed appropriate. Thankfully, the tree escaped the crash. If TNT had needed to go out and find another one, Smith might have been left with the cost.

The team erupted in laughter when Shaq got back up, but the former NBA champ spent the next few minutes dusting himself off.

Could It Be That Kenny Has Super Powers?

Shaq and his TNT show mates.
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Tossing Shaq into the tree so precisely requires extraordinary talent on Smith's part. Even better, this isn't the first time Smith has encountered Shaq; the two previously experienced the same event! Unlike this time, the Christmas tree in 2014 was significantly smaller and did not do a good enough job of breaking Shaq's fall to prevent his injury.

However, O'Neal has plenty of time to exact some retribution and throw Smith into the tree, as Christmas is still a few weeks away.