Zoe Saldana Reveals Juicy Details From The Set Of 'Avatar' And 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

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Zoe was the latest guest on The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, and she revealed her first-hand experiences filming two of the world's blockbusters, Avatar and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Saldana disclosed that she had recently viewed James Cameron's eagerly anticipated Avatar sequel.

Her motion-capture-only role as Neytiri, a tribal warrior from the planet Pandora, in the original got high praise. However, Avatar propelled her career to new heights of stardom (which also began in 2009). Saldana told Fallon that she was deeply impacted by seeing the highly anticipated sequel is not surprising.

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Zoe Shares Her Reaction To Seeing 'Avatar 2' For The First Time

Zoe told Jimmy how she felt seeing the upcoming Avatar:

“I'm still processing, it's very emotional. I'm surprised my eyelashes stayed on. I was like sobbing. So it's really special, and I can give you like a little hint: it's about water!”

However, when it was first aired in 2009, Avatar was revolutionary. The film's innovative use of 3D technology and world-class CGI contributed to its success as the highest-grossing film. The cast and crew of Pandora are hoping for a similar emotion in 2022 since when it was first released, the world of Pandora was an adventure that everyone wanted to go on.

Most Avatars were filmed in the beautiful jungles covering Pandora's moon. The bioluminescent universe that fans were in awe of throughout the never-ending hypnotic images was introduced to audiences, along with a large range of creatures, a few distinct tribes, etc. Cameron is taking viewers to a hitherto untapped part of the franchise: the depths of Pandora's waters.

What To Expect From 'Avatar 2'

Cast of Avatar at the premiere of Avatar: The way of water
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While there aren't many specifics about the sequel's storyline, the marketing for the movie supports the idea that there will be greater emotional intensity. The teaser trailer concludes with Jake Sully explaining how he finds strength in the family he's built with Neytiri. Even though she played a completely different human character who was killed off in the first film, Sigourney Weaver's reappearance as Jake and Neytiri's kid offers a great deal of mystery and plot possibility. Cameron will go deeper into his personal life for Avatar: The Way of Water.

Zoe Reacts To 'Guardian Of The Galaxy' Newest Edition

However, in some major action sequences in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gamora is filmed specially, as Zoe Saldana reveals. After Fallon brings up one of Saldana's most recent social media posts featuring casts of Gamora's head, the actor explains that the visual effects team uses those head replicas as reference points on set.

“And the thing is that these are created, it’s taken out a cast of my head and it’s so they can put the wigs on or any kind of additional prosthetics that go on Gamora. And sometimes it’s just to put her in the background. Kind of maybe a “Where’s Waldo?” But like “Where’s Gamora?” Sometimes, like let’s say if they’re shooting a big action sequence and my character is in the background in certain parts of that set, they’ll just put a head like running back and forth so that the computer can track it."

Gamora In Volume 3 Is Set To Fit In Big Shoes

Even though Gamora is still alive in the MCU, this character version was created in 2014 and did not share the same memories as the one who was sacrificed to obtain the Soul Stone. She leaves soon after Thanos is defeated in Avengers: Endgame since she doesn't feel connected to Peter or the other Guardians. As a result, we are still determining exactly what volume 3 will be like. However, since this is an MCU film, we can expect a never-ending amount of action.