Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell Discuss Singing And Dancing In 'Spirited'

Ashley Hunte
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell star in Spirited on Apple TV+.
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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are known for their comedy and acting skills. But apparently, the pair can sing and dance, too. To see how good they actually are at song and dance, though, you'd have to see their new Apple TV+ holiday flick, Spirited.

Spirited is a musical retelling of the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol. Ferrell stars as Ebenezer Scrooge, who in this adaptation, becomes the Ghost of Christmas Present. He appears to Clint Briggs (played by Reynolds) to help redeem his soul, much like Scrooge's was in the original tale. It's rife with comedy as well as song and dance numbers.

For The Pair Of Actors, Learning The Lines And The Steps Was A Challenge.

Ferrell and Reynolds spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about their roles in the new film, admitting that learning to sing and dance for the musical numbers was quite the challenge for both of them. For them, the most difficult part was having to sing and dance at the same time, which might not be quite as easy as some performers make it out to be.

"The most challenging part of singing and dancing is you work on them separately and you kind of forget that you have to do them simultaneously," Ferrell said in the interview.

Reynolds Agreed Noting That He Doesn't Have Natural Singing And Dancing Skills.

He said that the biggest thing that helped him was knowing, "it’s OK to suck at something at first in order to be good at it, and if you’re willing to do that you can do some pretty incredible things."

For Reynolds, though learning all the steps and making sure to follow the musical cues was tough, actually getting to film the movie was some of the most fun he's had on stage.

Last Month, Ryan Reynolds Posted A Dance Practice Video.

Posted to his Instagram account, the video shows both Reynolds and Ferrell dancing through about a minute or so of one of the songs featured in the film, alongside two choreographers. Though they're still getting to know the steps, and have a couple of stumbles here and there, it's pretty clear that the actors are putting their all into the performance, which will likely translate to screen.

The Film's Choreographer, Chloe Arnold, Shared That She Enjoyed Working With Ferrell And Reynolds.

Arnold also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, discussing how both actors were so humble and willing to learn: "Everything I love about dance they were open to learning and sharing, and the thing that makes a great dancer is someone that’s willing to be free and open and vulnerable, and all three of them were fully on board for that."

You can watch Spirited right now on Apple TV+.