Watch How These Curious Penguins Take Charge In Antarctica And Stop Work From Being Done

Ashley Hunte
Penguins stop heavy machines from clearing snow in Antarctica.
TikTok | @mattykjordan

When somebody talks about Antarctica, there are probably only a few things that come to mind. Constant nighttime (or daytime, depending on the time of year), ice and snow, and penguins. Seriously, what else is there to know about the continent?

Though no one technically lives in Antarctica, there are constantly researchers down there going about their business, being careful not to disturb the wildlife. A viral TikTok uploaded by Matty Jordan (@mattykjordan) shows that, even when there's work to be done, penguins come first. The TikTok features a couple of cute penguins who get curious and explore the large tools Matty's team uses.

The TikTok Is Surprisingly Wholesome.

Set to Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero, Matty explains that they have to clear some snow out of an area using large excavating tools, but get completely shut down when a couple of penguins waddle by. The penguins look at the tools curiously, before one of them waddles over to the bucket and crawls in.

In a description for the TikTok, Matty writes:

"Penguins are in charge in Antarctica, and we have safe distances that we have to remain from them to make sure we don't disturb them. Sometimes, they take a liking to our equipment, so we have to find something else to do until they decide to move on. This penguin is an Adelie penguin that was hanging around our base and he took a liking to our excavator. We were more than happy to postpone our work to avoid disturbing him."

The TikTok went viral, having been viewed over 7.4 million times since it was uploaded about a week ago.

Commenters Were So In Love With The Penguins.

Users joke about the penguins seeing the tools as rides.
TikTok | @mattykjordan

Users joked about the penguins, and how they might have seen the excavator as something fun and exciting. Commenters even joked about how their very presence was enough to stop work, essentially meaning that they could've gone home early if they weren't in Antarctica.

Users Could Not Get Enough Of The Penguins.

More users comment on the penguins.
TikTok | @mattykjordan

Though the video only mentions one penguin, there are actually two. Matty did upload a follow-up TikTok showing how the second penguin joined the first one in the bucket, which honestly seems like the perfect love story.

Some Even Talked About How Much They Wanted To Pet The Penguins.

People wanted to pet the penguins.
TikTok | @mattykjordan

As cute and cuddly as they might seem, it's probably not a good idea to try and pet them, since they bite and all. Luckily, most of us will probably never be that close to a penguin anyway.