Keke Palmer Reveals Which Food Was A Side Dish In Her Midwestern Household

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Keke Palmer
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Keke Palmer always says something, and this time, the 29-year-old actress is giving major info on everything, including her favorite side dish, which will surprise many, and a major change in her diet that changed her skin's health for the better.

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Keke Calls Spaghetti A Side Dish! How Shocking!!

The singer dropped a major bombshell in her interview by first describing spaghetti as the hallmark of Midwestern cuisine and then calling it a side dish in her house.

"Spaghetti was a side dish in my house, so like we had a lot of spaghetti and catfish."

While mentioning spaghetti and a side dish in the same sentence may be a shock (everyone loves pasta, and in most cases, it's the main course), everyone has their preference. So, cheers Keke.

Her Acne Struggles

The actress has been vocal about her struggles with adult acne for most of her adult life. She admits that even though she made a major cut on dairy products and taking more water, she's also decided not to be so hard on herself about her skin issues.

"I do believe that water intake is good, but honestly, you can drink as much water as you want, if you have stuff going on in your gut or things are hormonal or just like any allergies... be easier on yourself."

She encouraged everyone to figure out the best option for them and confessed she still has eggs as a major item in her diet. Calling herself an "egg girl" and referring to Veggie Bacon Quiches as one of her top holiday meals.

"Maybe that's the Midwestern in me, i've always been into quiches, frittatas...any variety of egg, honey, i'm there for it."

Keke Loves Breakfast

Palmer also discussed a nostalgic meal she loves, and it's breakfast! Considering her love for eggs, this isn't a surprise. She detailed how her dad made breakfast growing up, and our appetites were soaking wet.

"My dad, he would always cook a breakfast before we had our school tests, you know, they do the big testing season....he would make us a big breakfast: pancakes, bacon, eggs, the whole nine. I always remember that being a fun tradition."

Salt Is Keke's Favorite Kitchen Spice

Keke Palmer
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When asked about her favorite kitchen spice, Palmer confessed to having a special likeness for salt and maybe garlic powder and onion powder and cites she can never go wrong with them.

Despite salt being a basic item in the kitchen, she prefers to stick to what she knows, adding that some stunts she's performed in the kitchen have resulted in one of her biggest cooking flops.

"My failures usually come from me trying to be gluten-free and fat-free and all that. Whenever i try to do it in a healthy way, i've always had some issues and some problems"