Theo James Dishes More On His Prosthetic For 'The White Lotus' Flashing Scene

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Theo James and the rest of Mike White's The White Lotus season two cast are top of the trending topics across social media, from Instagram to Twitter. Things are about to get more explosive, and we've only just seen episode five!

James and his co-stars left us with our mouths agape from the first episode, much like the season one vacationers did. Now in the romantic city of Sicily in Italy, the infamous resort and its guests get steamier and hornier.

Dishing On The 'Pee-Pee'

According to James, during his promo tour on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the dong which caused a commotion and kickstarted the season's drama in episode one was a prosthetic! Regardless, James and the makeup department carefully crafted the appendage to make it look regular.

The actor said the scene wasn't about whether it was attractive but about the sexual power play between his character, Cameron, and Aubrey Plaza's Harper. He jokingly called it the Pee-Pee scene but dished on the idea behind it with Fallon.

The Flashing Scene Used A Prosthetic

However, getting on set, James and White (the Director) got the shocks of their lives when the makeup designer, Rebecca Hickey, presented her first iteration of the prosthetic. The Divergent alum called it ginormous, saying the size (9" long and 4" wide) shocked him and White.

They redid it for the final cut, but that wasn't the only thing that changed about that scene. James also revealed that it was supposed to be a full-frontal, but they felt it was too much for the audience and storyline. They dialed it back to a sneak peek, and the result was even more genius - was it deliberate or a mistake? We'll never know.

The Married Couple Quartet

The anthology series is seeing as much interest as its first season, with James playing one quartet member. Cameron (James) and his wife, Daphne (Meghan Fahy), are on vacation with the former's friend, Ethan (Will Sharpe), and his wife, Harper (Plaza).

Cameron and Daphne have an open marriage, a dynamic foreign to newlyweds Ethan and Harper. The former couple's narcissism and unusual relationship messes with the balance in Ethan and Harper's new union.

Exploring European Themes

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Upon its second season, The White Lotus earned 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and 61 percent from the audience. Being in Italy, The White Lotus explores the depths of carnal desire and romantic relationships amongst different groups of vacationers.