Netflix Cancels Fan-Favorite Horror Series After Just One Season

Jordan Claes
The Midnight Club sitting around the table in, 'The Midnight Club'.
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Fans of the master of small-screen horror, Mike Flanagan, recently received some bad news. Netflix has now officially announced the cancelation of the newly minted horror anthology series, The Midnight Club, after just one season.

The seemingly questionable move made by Netflix officials has left many series devotees scratching their heads, while others clamor for closure and reconciliation that they know will likely never come.

'The Midnight Club' Has Officially Disbanded.

Girl screaming at the sign of hooded figures in, 'The Midnight Club'.
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The latest offering from the frightful mind of Mike Flanagan has been canned after its inaugural season. Despite a positive response from fans and critics alike, Netflix has decided to put an indefinite on what was initially promised to be an ongoing anthology series.

Flanagan's first foray into the world of young adult horror is based on the book of the same name, written by renowned horror/mystery thriller author, Christopher Pike.

'The Midnight Club' Has A Lot In Common With The Cult Classic '90s TV Series, 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'

Members of 'The MIdnight Club' sitting on the ground on blankets outside.
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In Are You Afraid of the Dark?, members of "The Midnight Society" gathered around a campfire in the woods to tell scary stories. In The Midnight Club, Flanagan presents the overarching story of a group of terminally ill teenagers living among one another at Brightcliffe Home hospice facility.

Each night, members of "The Midnight Club" gather in the Brightcliffe library in order to tell their own terrifying tales to one another, and recommit themselves to a pact that states that the first to die will attempt to make contact with the club from the other side.

The Cancelation Comes Hot On The Heels Of Flanagan's Announcement Detailing His Plan To Move Intrepid Pictures To Amazon Studios.

Alexis in 'Schitt's Creek' sitting on the edge of her bed in a robe, saying, "What a coincidence."
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Intrepid Pictures is the brainchild of Mike Flanagan and his business partner, Trevor Macy. Under the Intrepid Pictures banner, Flanagan and Macy have churned out some of the most popular horror series of the past decades — including The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and Mightnight Mass.

"Amazon is a studio that we have long admired," Macy and Flanagan said via Variety. "Their commitment to engaging in groundbreaking series and content aligns with the ethos of what we have built at Intrepid."

While News Is Promising For Flanagan's Future Projects, It Has Left Fans Of 'The Midnight Club' Feeling In The Dark.

The Brightcliffe Hospice at night time in 'The Midnight Club'.
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Considering the giant cliffhanger that Season 1 ended on, it's understandable why fans are feeling a bit spurned. The Midnight Club did manage to rate highly on Rotten Tomatoes, boasting an impressive Tomatometer Score of 87%. Although nothing has been confirmed, it is feasible to presume that Amazon may look to revisit The Midnight Club somewhere down the line.