Husband Walks Out On Wife After She Eats His Mother's Sandwich

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Getting married is a huge step in many people's lives. They are so happy they have found "the one" that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. However, it's not only your partner that you marry but also their entire family. Along with a husband or wife, you get a bunch of in-laws. For some, this can be a blessing. For others, it can be a nightmare.

We've all heard how in-laws can go from loving and sweet to absolute monsters at the drop of a hat. For some reason, it just seems that when these things happen, the in-law's own child will always support them over their spouse. And, it's not always pretty.

One Wife Shared a Situation Between Her and Her Mother-In-Law Over Some Food

MIL angry with DIL over Food
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MIL Upset Over DIL Eating Food
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The DIL Had Offered Her MIL Food Several Times, But Each Time She Turned Her Down

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The wife/DIL explained in the Reddit post that she and her husband fast after 5 PM, but during her period she is always hungry. While her MIL was staying with them, she saw her DIL eating a sandwich and chili one evening and said it looked good. When her DIL offered her food, the MIL said she didn't want any. So, naturally, the DIL ate her meal.

However, later when the MIL decided she was hungry, she went to go look for the "leftovers" her DIL would have left for her. She was "shocked" when she realized her DIL ate the entire meal. Feeling guilty, her DIL offered to go get her some food—even though it was late at night.

The MIL "refused" to eat the take-out sandwich, saying she "doesn't eat take-out." The next day, she flipped out and left when she found out the DIL had eaten this sandwich, too. Instead of siding with his wife, her husband got angry, as well, and left the house.

People Online Said The DIL Wasn't Wrong For Eating Her Food

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Many people online said that the DIL was definitely not in the wrong because she offered her MIL food not once, but twice. Both times, the MIL turned the food down. When you say "no," that doesn't mean, "maybe." If the MIL had asked for her to put it away for later, it would be a different story. Instead, her MIL said "no."

Others Said That The MIL Was "Setting Her Up"

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Other people online pointed out that no matter what the DIL did, the MIL would be upset and say that she was in the wrong. Overall, the DIL went out of her way and even left the house to get her a sandwich that was somewhat similar and it was never going to be good enough. Nothing would be, after all.