Watch The Heartwarming Moment Bruce The Bunny Meets Puff The Bearded Dragon For The First Time

Jordan Claes
A snapshot of Bruce the Rabbit and a Bearded Dragon named, Puff.
TikTok | @bruceytherabbit

Historic is full of unique and exciting animal team-up stories. There's Wilbur and Charlotte in the classic novel, "Charlotte's Web," and Copper and Tod in Disney's The Fox and the Hound.

Now, thanks to TikTok user @bruceytherabbit, it appears that the internet may have just discovered its next great dynamic duo: an English Angora bunny rabbit, named Bruce, and a bearded dragon, called Puff.

Bruce Is An Adorable Free Roam Rabbit Who's Become Quite The TikTok Influencer In His Own Right.

A close up shot of Bruce the rabbit.
instagram | @bruceytherabbit

Most pet rabbits spend the bulk of their lives living inside a small cramped cage. A free-roam rabbit, on the other hand, lives a life similar to that of a car or dog. They are allowed to roam the house freely, sometimes even when their pet parents aren't even home.

Bruce looks different and more unique than your average Peter Cottontail because he's what's known as an English Angora — a species known for its short and wooly ears.

Back In November, Bruce's Parents Decided That It Was Time For Him To Meet An Extended Member Of The Family.

Bruce the rabbit meeting Puff the bearded dragon.
TikTok | @bruceytherabbit

Puff, aptly named after "Puff the Magic Dragon," is a bearded dragon and the latest addition to Bruce's family. In the wild, certain types of large lizards, such as iguanas and Komodo dragons, eat lizards. So suffice it to say that there was a little trepidation leading up to this inaugural introduction between species.

Bruce Happily Approaches Puff As The Bearded Dragon Sits Perched On The Top Of The Couch.

Bruce the rabbit smelling Puff the bearded dragon on their couch.
TikTok | @bruceytherabbit

It's clear to see that Puff isn't quite sure what to make of Bruce at first; is the rabbit a friend or a foe? But after a suspenseful sizing-up moment, Puff finds the courage to join Bruce on the cushion. The little lizard bravely lets Bruce become acquainted, allowing the rabbit to sniff him from head to tail without so much as a single flinch.

"U smell funny," Bruce's owners captioned the video.

Unsure What To Think, Bruce Hops On Over To His Mother For Some Validating Pets And Ear Scritches.

In no time at all, Bruce returns to Puff's side and slowly cozies up beside his brother from another mother. "U wanna cuddle?" the caption reads.

While it's true that Puff may be cold-blooded, it's as clear as day that the friendliness bestowed upon him by Bruce the English Angora was more than enough to melt his heart and help him to form a new best friend for life.