Internet Reacts To Mischievous Parrot Who Won't Leave Its Brother's Tail Alone

Chisom Ndianefo
A Parrot
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Parrots are unique and extremely intelligent animals that are top favorites among homeowners for these characteristics. However, they can also be sneaky and find a way to rile their owners up. In this viral clip, a parrot tries to get mischievous with its fellow bird, and its owner is obviously not pleased with the naughty move.

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Always Trying To Grab Its Brother's Tail

The viral clip from TikTok user @theparrotlady shows two parrots who obviously have two striking personalities on the table spending quality time with their owner. However, one intrusive parrot attempted to cross its boundary at play with its brother's tail.

The white-colored parrot quietly sneaks up to the ash-colored parrot and attempts to grab its shiny and red tail, to which the owner warns the bird not to "grab his tail" and rounded up with "you're asking for it," and while we don't know exactly what "you're asking for it" means, we're guessing the one with red tail gets irritated when its tail gets played with.

She captioned the video, "Always trying to grab her brother's tail."

Viewers Share In The Laugh

Unsplash | Christopher Alvarenga

The short clip, which has amassed over 900k plays and 250k likes, is gathering over a thousand comments from viewers who think the animal is intrusive and doesn't like the word "No."

A user, Corinne Ann, wrote, "Those intrusive thoughts are hard to fight." while adding a laughing emoji.

Another user dropped a long "Ehhhhhh" and got a response from the posting handle who wrote, "She knows EXACTLY what i'm saying. she just doesn't like the word no."

Another viewer rushed to the bird's comment and said the tail is "shiny and red," and the intrusive parrot can only fight the thoughts for a short time.

Owning A Parrot Helps You Learn About Your Own Nature

If you own a parrot, it'll surely push you to your limit, which will, in turn, help you discover some things about yourself. One sure thing is that you need loads of patience and a calm temper, even in the face of provocation and unpleasant behaviors of the parrot and its health.

This bird also helps the owner develop a deep appreciation for nature and the importance of preserving wildlife and its inhabitants. Ultimately, paying extra attention to your pet parrot will reward you with a loving pet.

Parrots Are Like Willful But Loveable Children

Quora user compared these smart birds to children with wings-like angels and said they're as intelligent as children and know how to be loving and affectionate. In addition, they know how to tease, annoy, and get their owner's attention.

The user also advised that a parrot owner should give them things to chew and destroy else the furniture will bear the brunt. In the same vein, we're advised to take note of their food requirements and pay attention to their nutrition.