Joyriding Dog Causes Three-Car Pileup Inside A Walmart Parking Lot

Jordan Claes
A dog sitting at the wheel of a smashed-up car.
Kilgore Police Department | Kilgore Police Department

Pet owners have been warned time and time again against leaving animals unattended in cars. It's an accident waiting to happen, the outcome of which almost always ends in tragedy.

Recently, an adorable pup in Kilgore, Texas, caused quite the commotion after he inadvertently caused a three-car pileup inside a Walmart parking lot — having been left alone while his owners shopped inside.

Pet Owners Know All Too Well The Dangers Associated With Leaving A Dog Unattended Inside A Car.

A doodle with its head hanging out of the back window of a car.
Unsplash | Tim Mossholder

The internet is positively awash with horror stories of dogs succumbing to heatstroke after being left alone inside a vehicle by their owner — sometimes in just fifteen minutes or less. But very rarely do you hear of a dog who's decided to take matters into its own hands (or paws) and make a valiant attempt to escape the confines of its four-door deathtrap.

Recently, A Distressed Pup In Kilgore, Texas, Decided To Do Just That

Two cars smashed into one another inside a Walmart parking lot.
Kilgore Police Department | Kilgore Police Department

When Kilgore police arrived on the scene, they bore witness to the aftermath of a smashed-up SUV after it had been driven into two separate vehicles. But what really sent them for a loop was discovering that the reckless driver wasn't a person, but rather an agitated anxiety-addled dog who'd been left all alone.

According To Police Experts, The Dog "Bounced Around The Cab, Setting This Truck In Motion."

One of the victims of the accident witnessed the crash first-hand and reported being absolutely "shocked" at the sight of a smiling pooch at the wheel of a barreling SUV. They tried in earnest to get out of the way but were sadly unable to react fast enough.

The police found damage to the vehicle's steering column and deduced that the dog must've inadvertently put the car into gear. The dog's leash was found wrapped around the emergency brake, leading investigators to surmise that it had been accidentally released.

Thankfully, No Persons Or Animals Were Harmed During The Incident.

Dog in the front seat of a locked car after its been in an accident.
Kilgore Police Department | Kilgore Police Department

"It doesn't sound feasible," a police officer told Fox News. "But an eyewitness saw the pooch behind the wheel just before the crash. He certainly has a guilty look on his face."

All jokes aside, this is no laughing matter. While it's true that Texas currently has no statutes that outlaw leaving an animal alone in a vehicle, pet owners can still be held liable for their actions as they pertain to the state's laws against animal cruelty. As of yet, no charges have been filed.