Customer Causes Heated Debate Over Tipping In The U.S.

Chisom Ndianefo
A Waitress Accepting Tips
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Tipping in the United States is a culture as old as the country itself. The general rule in cafes or restaurants is that you tip 15 to 20 percent of your bill total. While it isn't mandatory, it is expected by servers and workers in the service industry.

However, a TikTok user has a contrary opinion and is even pushing for establishments to stop forcing customers to pay tips. This stance has now sparked a back-and-forth on the mathematics of tipping.

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Chelo Abbe's Experience

In his viral clip on TikTok, Abbe urged establishments and local businesses to stop forcing point-of-sale systems to request tips from customers on every transaction and calls rejecting tipping workers whenever he purchases thing become makes everything awkward.

He captioned the video, "I just want my coffee, mannnn."

He gives a recent experience with an employee at a checkout counter as an example of a conversation he would prefer not to have had in person. However, when he selected a "No Tip' option, it didn't go through, and he had to manually tell the worker he didn't want to give them any extra. "I had to answer her, I had to be like no tip."

Tipping Is Getting Out Of Hand

Abbe empathized with the workers and completely understood their points of view. He also continued that he believes there are loads of people who work in the service industry and feel the same way.

"This tipping stuff is getting so out of hand and so awkward. I literally just handed the lady my credit card and she goes, hey it's gonna ask you a question so i can finish up here."

He continued his frustration, saying he couldn't continue dropping extras on everything he bought.

"I can't do these interactions anymore, these interactions are so awkward and i know it's not the employees' decision, like i know it's the higher-ups, but I just can't tip for everything, I order...I can't do this anymore."

Fellow TikTokers Agree With Abbe

Abbe seems to have many supporters in the comments. Viewers and users cited financial limitations for their inability to tip. In addition, they stated that it discouraged them from going to coffee shops and establishments that automatically have the tip option installed.

A section also said they hit the "no tip" option with all confidence because it's their money and others shared the opinion that they should only tip when they eat in restaurants where the server is overworking his/herself.

"I hit no tip and i don't care if they're feelings are hurt because it's my money and that's that."

Starbucks Worker Earlier Shared Similar Views

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A Starbucks Barista has also gone viral for condemning the company's decision to add the tip option to card readers, claiming that they're forced to explain the new idea to customers and reset their registers due to glitches in the system. Abbe is certainly not alone in his fight.