Granny Gets Revenge On Couple Who Stole Her Parking Space

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Ignorant people always think it's easy to cheat vulnerable people, especially senior citizens, but they forget those people were once young and know all the tricks. Another problem is insufficient parking spaces in apartment buildings leading to a "dog eat dog" situation.

This Reddit user shared a story about the time a senior citizen got revenge against a couple for stealing her parking space without remorse. Redditors joined in the fun on the Petty Revenge subreddit as they shared their stories of people messing with them and how they got their vengeance.

Here's The Full Story

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They Learned Never To Mess With Granny Again

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Showdown Between The Retired Lady And The Tenants

According to the Redditor's story, an old lady lived in a deeded-parking garage meaning the spot belonged to residents of the apartment. However, there were only 75 spots for 300 apartment units meaning 225 people had to find alternate parking.

The retired lady had a permanent spot (most likely for her peculiar circumstance), and all was well until a new couple rented one unit and messed with the status quo. They parked in the old lady's spot and refused to move, saying she should find another spot for her mini-cooper.

She parked her mini-cooper behind their vehicle, thus blocking them from moving without informing her, and when they did, she asked for payment. They paid her and never tried her patience again!

Granny Gave Them A Bargain

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The Apartment Complex Should've Linked With A Towing Company

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Technology Can Solve The Problem

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Never Take Advantage Of Old And Vulnerable People

Other Reddit users shared their thoughts on the situation, saying people underestimate retirees because they think they're too old to care. Also, others added that the old woman didn't do enough to punish them as she should've left her car behind them for at least a week.

Some people confirmed that it's an old age thing where people care less who they offend because they have little or nothing to lose.

On compliance issues, Reddit users suggested that the apartment complex create a contract with a local tow company and punish people like the couple for bullying others. Someone noted that the $150 the Granny requested to move her min-cooper was a steal compared to towing fees.

Another person turned to technology, saying they solved the problem in their apartment complex by locking the garage electronically and giving only the people entitled to access to the space.

The last two suggestions are the most viable options, although it's nice that the Granny got her vengeance and the couple suffered public embarrassment. Never purposely take advantage of retirees - apart from bad karma, they often pack a mean punch, and you'll never expect what's coming.