Christina Hendricks Sizzles In A Sexy Throwback Picture

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Christina Hendricks
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47-year-old Christina Hendricks, famous for her role in Good Girls and Mad Men, shared a flashback picture of herself for her one million-plus Instagram followers. The actress looks as sexy as ever despite being several years younger in the picture - you'd think she took it sometime this year.

She showed off her sexy figure in a Vivienne Westwood silk dress from 2011. She was the face of the brand's Get a Life palladium jewelry collection.

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Something Old For The Fans

Hendricks chose the picture of her in a floral silk dress with a cowl neck skimming her full cleavage while a simple necklace sat on her chest. Her dress was ivory with red and yellow roses connected to olive green branches and leaves.

The actress styled her fiery red hair in the fifties curl reminiscent of her Mad Men days. For makeup, Hendricks mixed subtle and sultry as she used glittery eyeshadow on her eyes and glossy peach lipstick for her plump lips.

The Beauties Of The Palladium Collection

Vivienne Westwood and Christina Hendricks on the red carpet
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During her original campaign, Vivienne Westwood described Hendricks as the embodiment of beauty, making it delightful to work with her for the Palladium collection. The feeling was mutual, as Hendrick also commended the designer for using her pieces to promote beauty.

Palladium was a limited collection sold exclusively in the London store for Vivienne Westwood. Hendricks promised to wear them on red carpets and fulfilled her promise.

A Trip To The Nineties

Hendricks loves taking trips down memory lane, as her Instagram followers know. The actress attended a Nineties-themed birthday party last Fall and dressed in her old teenage outfit. She paired another floral minidress with distressed black tights, a moto jacket, a studded choker necklace, and Doc Martens boots.

Based on her caption, Hendricks bought the dog collar choker when she was 15 but ripped the tights recently. She also spotted a new hairdo by chopping her red hair into a short bob. Hendricks completed the look with dark lipstick giving off the old goth vibe.

Spending Time In The Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Recent pictures show that Hendricks grew her hair and spots her signature curly tresses again. She's also in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and has been there for a while. Former co-star January Jones teased her about it, asking if she moved there permanently and if she wanted a companion.

"Did you move there? Feels like you moved there.. should I move there?"