Watch These Children's Heartwarming Reaction Over New Puppy After Their Father's Death

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*Not the actual picture* A child unboxing a puppy gift
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Puppies make several things better, especially as emotional pets following a loss. This TikTok user, @rachelgorry78, went viral three days ago for getting her children a puppy after their father died.

The video was so wholesome that it had over 1.3 million views in three days, with over 500 shares, almost one hundred thousand likes, and 844 comments. Several TikTokers commended her parenting as the girls showed gratitude for the kind gesture.

The Girls Meet Their Newest Pet

The video showed the mother presenting her children with the puppy while they waited on the surprise. Immediately she entered, her eldest daughter leaped to the door and hugged her mother while mouthing "thank you."

Her younger sisters joined her, and they all cuddled the puppy in turns. Their excitement radiated through the video, and the commenters highlighted it. Gorry said she didn't realize the puppy was all her children needed following their father's death.

They christened the puppy Teddy, and Gorry said it brought a lot of love back into their lives.

Cockapoos Are Big Clowns

The comment section was filled with emotional messages, with people complimenting Gorry for her parenting. They also highlighted the importance of dogs as the best therapy after loss. One person also added that Cockapoos are the best dogs ever.

Cockapoos are a crossbreed of Cocker Spaniel and Poodles, so they rarely grow beyond 36 - 38cm. Dogtime categorizes its personality as a big clown as they're easy to train with good humor.

Their characteristics make them great companions for children, so Gorry did well getting the Cockapoo.

Dogs Are Great Emotional Companions For Coping With Loss

A variety of puppies.
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CNN says that dogs have a positive impact on human lives, and they're great companions for coping with loss. The publication credited the pet's nuanced character for providing people with the necessary hugs and listening ear without adding annoying commentaries.

Also, dogs don't judge when you go through grieving seasons. They'll be there through emotional meltdowns and other lows.

"When we lose a significant other … so many people say that coming home at the end of the day, coming home to an empty house is just hard... Having a dog there to greet you can make a difference."

TikTokers Get Emotional

More comments on the TikTok post included,

"you have given them girls so much more than you even realize. 🥰" and most commenters said they cried upon watching the video. One thing is certain, those girls would be able to experience their grief freely even when their mother isn't there.