Redditors React To Kid Body-Slamming A Glass Wall

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*Not the actual picture* A Toddler running in a mall
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Children are adorable little human beings who often make the worst decisions. Sometimes their actions lead to interesting fodder for comedy and banter, while other times, it becomes a life/death situation.

As parents and adults, it's everyone's job to watch out for them when they can, but there's no harm in capturing their folly for fun first!

A subreddit thread, Kids are F*cking Stupiddedicates its posts to sharing funny videos of children, especially toddlers being silly and frustrating their guardians. One video showed a little boy trying to enter a mall shop through a glass window.

Check out the reactions below.

Kid Thinks A Clean Window Is An Empty Space

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Two Highlights From The Video - Children's Irrational Behaviors And Efficient Work Rate

The video captures the toddler running (with little steps) towards a store, trying to enter until he hits a glass wall. Since the lady with him laughed at the situation, he laughed too, got up, and tried again.

The video ended after falling down the second time, meaning the lady probably got him up and helped him open the door. The Reddit users in the comment highlighted two things in the video - children running into things and the very clear glass wall.

If the glass wall wasn't so clean, the child might've realized it wasn't a space, and that's a testament to the efficiency of the cleaner assigned to that floor. The Reddit users suggested the mall should raise their wages for a well-done job.

The second layer is a little more packed, so scroll down for the reactions and commentary on children's body-slamming things.

Now We Know How Birds Feel

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Are Birds Real?

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The Adult's Reaction Is Very Important

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That Window Was Really Clean

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Mixed Reactions From Redditors

The Reddit users on the subreddit thread had mixed reactions to the toddler body slamming that glass wall.

One group made jokes about the situation, from saying birds feel the same way when they hit walls to equating the closed glass door to an unlocked game level and admitting the clear windows and doors would've fooled them too!

The other group wasn't so fun as they criticized the toddler's guardian for not watching him and risking a serious injury for laughs.

However, some Redditors defended her, saying toddlers rarely get seriously hurt at that age because the child didn't have the speed and weight to cause actual damage to himself and the glass.

Also, laughing was a good reaction to stop the child from panicking and delving into hysteria. If the guardian yelled or reacted in fear, she'd have transferred it to the toddler, causing a bout of tears. As someone said,

"That's how they learn. As long as they don't get hurt, you have to let them."