This Bird's Reaction To His Rescuer Singing Gives Us Butterflies

Chisom Ndianefo
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The rise of Emmanuel Todd Lopez took the world by storm when his caretaker, Taylor Blake, began posting his heartwarming and hilarious interruptions online, which mostly featured Emmanuel attacking her phone when she hit the record button.

Unfortunately, Emmanuel and a few feathery friends became ill a while back, causing the farm some huge loss, but this tough guy is weathering the storm and making an impressive recovery.

Keep reading for the details.

You Are My Sunshine

Owner of Knuckle Bump Farms and Emmanuel's rescuer Taylor have released a new TikTok video and update on Emmanuel's recovery. In this video, she cuddles Emmanuel while she sings "You are my Sunshine" to pet him, and this reaction is precious.

He cuddles Taylor back and settles into her warm embrace, and we can tell he feels completely safe in Taylor's care, and rightfully so, as she's been by his side every step of the way through the good days and the sick days. Taylor sure deserves the sweet cuddles.

She added the caption:

"Throughout his healing process (nearly 50 days now), I started singing "You are you are my sunshine" to Emmanuel whenever he seemed stressed or frustrated. It has become our special song, and puts him to sleep every time i sing it. So proud of this bird #ETL #EmmanuelToddLopez."

Fans Are Praying And Rooting For Emmanuel

Her comment section was filled with positive comments from fans and followers as one commenter @carol_22.4ever wrote

"The whole world was praying for beautiful Emmanuel."

Another commenter @Katieeerae10 wrote

"No one can tell me animals don't have feelings."

There's no iota of exaggeration in that observation; looking at the video, Emmanuel and Taylor are perfect for each other- A round peg in a round hole.

Emmanuel Is One Naughty Bird

Before his sickness, which has led to a decline in doses of wholesome content from the 2.4 million followers TikTok account, Emmanuel loved to push his boundaries and prove that he's a naughty bird and completely adorable at it.

His shenanigans and Taylor's clever comments equal peak fun for lovers of animal content worldwide, and his name has got us asking Taylor in our heads. "Where on earth did she coin that government from!"

We're Looking Forward To More Wholesome Content

Unsplash | Melissa Keizer

In all, we're grateful for the recovery of this viral bird that has come to occupy a special place in everyone's heart and gained fans across the globe. No one is surely relieved to witness his progress and recovery like Taylor, and we're sure Emmanuel is immensely grateful.

We can't wait for more wholesome content from this duo in weeks and months.