Mike Tyson Shares How He Felt After Aircraft Scuffle With Another Passenger

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Mike Tyson
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Former professional boxer, Mike Tyson has revealed how it felt after beating up a passenger on a plane during a disagreement that got physical. Some time ago, the 56-year-old got into an altercation with a passenger on the plane he boarded. This resulted in the former heavyweight boxing champion stamping a fist on the face of his rival.

Tyson Referred To The Plane Incident As A Remarkable One

Tyson felt good about letting out his frustration on his fellow passenger who had a fight with him. When asked to further elaborate on what felt good about hitting a passenger on a plane, the former heavyweight champion described the incident that happened on the plane as aggressive and assertive.

Although he was angry which made him react the way he did, he revealed that he felt so good teaching the man a lesson he won't forget in a hurry. It's no surprise because the retired boxer is naturally aggressive. In fact, during his boxing days, the only thing that could match Tyson's boxing pedigree was his mindset. However, trying to drop some of the things about boxing that he is used to, such occurrences could arise.

His Opponent On The Plane Threw A Bottle At Him

Although there were several versions of stories as to why The Kid Dynamite threw his fist at the passenger on the plane, Tyson has made an official statement through his spokesman. Allegedly, he disclosed that the passenger was trying to harass him on the plane and even went to the point of throwing a bottle at him.

The passenger was later identified to be Melvin Townsend, a Florida native. Reports have also shown that Townsend is a habitual offender with charges of regular offenses. More so, he has been convicted severally for different crimes ranging from stealing to trafficking stolen properties amongst others. Although it is not established that Tyson hurt Townsend but footage proved that he was incessantly provoking Tyson to get his reaction.

Tyson Was Not Charged For His Reaction During The Airplane Altercation

Mike Tyson
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A week later, Tyson punched another passenger on the airplane. However, Iron Mike will not face any charges as none of the parties affected is willing to file a case against him. This particular video obtained by TMZ Sports from a witness showed Tyson being friendly and accommodating to the rest of the passengers.

He even took a selfie shot with the particular passenger he had a beef with. Moments after the shots, he was being provocative so the boxing star pleaded with him to leave him alone but he wouldn't heed his warnings, which prompted Tyson to stamp his face with his Iron Mike Punch.

The Sports Legend Retired With A 50-6 Record

There's no doubt that "The Baddest Man On Planet" has made a name for himself as far as the boxing industry is concerned. Any need to doubt that? Here is proof: The one-time undisputed heavyweight champion is one of the most accomplished boxers and has won so many matches for that.

More so, he won his first 37 professional fights and also retired with an outstanding 50-6 record to be remembered for.