Stepmother Decides Not To Attend Stepson's Wedding After He Alienates Her From The Family

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Blended families can be a challenge to make work. When two people get married and combine their families, including children from previous marriages, things can get rather messy. Many times, parents are the ones who cause the most issues and drama, with biological parents feeling threatened and angry when another person comes into the parenting role of their children.

When the biological parents bad-mouth and talk poorly about stepparents in front of the children, it can cause a lot of resentment and anger from the children towards the stepparents. This can create a rift in the entire family dynamic, even impacting marriages.

One Stepmother Opened Up About Her Decision To Not Attend Her Stepson's Wedding and How It Was Causing Issues in Her Marriage

stepmom not attending stepson's wedding
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Stepmom doesn't want to attend stepson's wedding
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The Stepson Had Made It Very Clear He Did Not Want His Stepmother At His Wedding

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Despite being married to his father for 25 years and treating him well, the stepson made it very clear and obvious that he did not want his stepmother at his wedding. He was sure to let her know that she was not welcome by saying that she could not wear the same color as other parents, could not have the proper flowers, would not be mentioned in toasts or speeches, and could not even walk in with the rest of the family. He went as far as to say that she could not even be in the family portraits.

Clearly, the stepmother could feel how much she was unwelcome, so she decided against going to the wedding entirely. She also said her children would not go, as well.

Reddit Users Pointed Out How The Stepmom Deserves an Applause

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Many Reddit users pointed out that the stepmother has been with the son's father for 25 years, it's not like she just came into the picture. But, she has put up with his behavior and dealt with his attitude towards her for years and years. She definitely deserves a break from the nonsense.

Another Reddit User Pointed Out That She Doesn't Have To Subject Herself To This

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Another Reddit user pointed out to the forum that if she doesn't want to consent to this behavior, she doesn't have to. The stepson consented to have the stepmother at his wedding, but she decides whether or not she will attend and go. She does not have to attend if she doesn't want to. And, she also doesn't have to allow anyone to treat her this way.