Woman Bans Alcohol At Her Christmas Party, And Family Refuses To Attend

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The holidays are a great time to get in touch with your family and spend some quality time; however, the family of this poster on Reddit might prefer to stay away from her this Christmas due to her extreme rules.

The original poster started by explaining that her husband's family enjoys drinking, while she doesn't have a good relationship with alcohol because her father was an alcoholic. She said that her family usually gets multiple drinks around the holidays, but she thinks it is 'childish.'

OP wanted to host a Christmas party this year, but she had a zero-alcohol rule in her house, even for the guests. When her sister found out that she wouldn't allow any drinks at the party, she told the rest of the family, and everyone started texting her to make her change her mind.

Still, OP was sure about her decision and clarified that there wouldn't be alcohol at her party. This drove her husband's sister to host her own Christmas party, inviting the same family members, who decided to attend this party instead.

OP Believes Drinking Is Childish

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Who's Wrong?

She ended the post by stating that even though she and her husband are invited to the new party, she doesn't want to go. But, on the other hand, her husband is rather upset about spending the holidays alone.

OP decided to take her case to the AITA community; she said that she thought her sister-in-law was disrespectful and that her family was wrong for not wanting to stay sober for a day. Still, users disagreed and shared strong opinions about OP's odd rule.

Commenters were pointing out that OP's point wasn't fair and that she can not drink and let others have their fun, especially since she isn't an alcoholic herself. They said it would make sense if her family misbehaved when drinking, but that is not the case.

People who had struggled with alcohol in the past shared that they don't mind when other people drink around them, while others explained that they ask their guests whenever they host in a nicer way than OP did.

No one was on the poster's side; they concluded that she has a problem with control, that her family has the right to have fun in the way that they decide, and that there is nothing wrong with having some drinks as long as you can control it.

Nobody's Gonna Have Fun

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It Might Be Her House, But It's Everyone's Right To Drink

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She Isn't An Alcoholic

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