Meet The 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 4 Singletons

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Screenshot of contestants in Too Hot To Handle Season 4 trailer
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December is certainly going to be an amazing month for all Netflix subscribers! Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle will air on December 7. The Netflix series has returned with new batches of ten sexy singles who will gather in a luxurious Caribbean villa once more. These singletons have come all the way with the hope of falling in love “harder” and more “intensely” than before.

However, this time, they are meant to believe they are participating in Mario Lopez's high-stakes dating competition Wild Love. However, they are in the Too Hot to Handle universe, where their behavior is monitored by virtual assistant Lana, who Desiree Burch voices. As fans of the show already know, the singletons are not allowed to participate in any form of sexual acts. If they do, they will lose a sum of money from the actual prize. Keep scrolling to find out who these ten singletons are.

Meet Brittan And Creed

Brittan was born and raised in Hawaii. The 22-year-old model has always been a true daddy's girl. Brittan believes she has men completely under control and is eager to enter the retreat confidently, assured that she will achieve her goals. Lana, though, is wise enough not to fall for Brittan's charming smile.

Creed is 24 years old and resides in Australia. He's far from the stereotypical bad lad. However, he is accustomed to entering a party and having all eyes on him. The young entrepreneur is used to dating and breaking up with many girls without being held accountable. In the Caribbean, he might have a different experience.

Meet Dominique, James, And Jawahir

Dominique is an incredibly beautiful computer science student. The stunning Colorado woman envisions her next suitor when she's not consulting tarot cards for loved ones.

James is a fun-loving, humorous, and utterly alluring basketball player. He makes the most of being single by partying hard in Hawaii. He is extremely hot and accustomed to participating in sports according to the rules. But how will the 24-year-old adjust to the retreat's rules if Lana shows up?

The retreat has no shortage of attractive women, and 22-year-old Jawahir is one of them. Jawahir has only been in one relationship, so she's not used to anyone rebuffing her advances. Will the bad lads be too alluring for Jawahir to learn how to be open to love from Lana?

Meet Kayla, Nick, And Nigel

In and out, Kayla, 22, is stunning. She never lacks attention and won't hesitate to step on toes if she likes someone. When Kayla arrives at the retreat, she'll be out for what she wants. But Lana will be driven to convince her that she isn't getting it right.

Nick, 28, has taken numerous trips across the world, including to the Philippines, Australia, and Mexico. He has dated attractive women in all of these locations. Nick is no stranger to love and lust, having been in over ten romances. Hopefully, Lana can help him find true love.

When Lana sets the tone for retreat life, Nigel, 29, who lives by the maxim "keep the fun rolling," will undoubtedly be the retreat's saving grace. How will this guy live under a cone-shaped boss if all he does is play?

Meet The Last Two Contestants

Seb leads a fast-paced lifestyle and is accustomed to dumping girls the morning after the previous night. The 24-year-old racing driver will find it difficult to follow Lana's instructions because he is a yes man who never says no to anything in life or in bed.

Sophie's first long-term relationship has made her wary of making similar commitments to new people. It's been majorly hookups for her since then. Since Sophie, 22, is so well-informed, her standards are as high. Hence if she doesn't get what she wants, she will go on to the next. How will she cope on the show? There is only one way to find out.

With these exciting singles, Too Hot to Handle fans will surely have the best time of their lives.