Paige Spiranac Thrills Fans As She Models 'Golf Girl Outfits'

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of Paige Spiranac
Flickr | soup_bone2004

The sexiest woman in the world, Paige Spiranac, presented her followers with an Instagram reel that showed off her assets while she tried various golf outfits. Given how amazing each golf outfit looked on her, the Instagram influencer left us speechless.

Since quitting golf due to an injury, the former pro golfer didn't entirely abandon her passion. She has made a name for herself on Instagram by occasionally taking swings which have earned her the title "Og Insta golf girl." However, from time to time, Spiranac broadcasts videos of her swing, advice for the course, and sponsored advertisements for golf-related products to her 3.6 million-strong Instagram following. Still, she's tutoring fans on how to be the ideal golf girl in these sizzling golf attires this time.

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Tutoring Fans

We even find it difficult to identify which golf girl we are because our attire is stylish, thanks to Paige's viral success with this one! The IG model showed off her fit body in a plunging green dress that she dubbed Country club in the video and then went to slay in a black top that she paired with a pleated mini skirt with a band that cinched her tiny waist. Just as we were trying to decide which outfit we liked better than the other, the 29-year-old showed up in another golf outfit that she titled "IG golf girl," in which she dresses up in a plunging crop top with a knotted detailing just below her boobs and a mini green skirt that had slit by the side.

Giving A Little More

Paige is certainly not new to flaunting her banging body in golf wear, as evidenced on her Instagram page; she deliberately spices things up from time to time and has boasted her resume as an Instagram follower, which she garnered up to 4 million followers and still counting.

In a recent Instagram video, Paige Spiranac flaunted more than just her flawless swing; she also showed off her body before burning a shot off the green. The former golfer flaunted more than just her new clubs in a cheeky video she shared with her followers on Friday. Paige flaunted her athletic form when she bent over to tee up her ball by flashing her underpants. Spiranac was marketing the company club champion, specializing in building and fitting clubs individually. However, she gave fans quite the view while at it.

Paige's Keeping Up With The World Cup

Paige surprised fans when she declared she was following up on the World Cup on Twitter.

Spiranac said she is watching her first World Cup and thoroughly loved it, particularly because of the spectators and the teams. Despite making it plain that she loves to golf, he identified the Masters as his preferred sporting occasion worldwide.

Her typical cleavage, however, drew people's notice and prompted countless remarks from her fans. When asked what her favorite sport is, some responded, "Watching you," to the amusement and approval of several hundred followers who are constantly eager to communicate with her and enjoy her beauty.

How Her Career Started

In 2015, Spiranac won the 100th Colorado Women's Golf Association Match Play Championship by shooting a nine-under-par total. This victory marked the beginning of her professional career.

After gaining 100,000 followers overnight, she was inundated with offers of endorsement from golf and fashion brands, and she briefly displayed them during her time on the European Ladies' Tour.