Tom Brady Opens Up About His Feelings After Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Defeat

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury
Tom Brady
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Tom Brady hasn’t been having the perfect year, whether it’s his professional life or personal. 

In fact, it seems like the series of unfortunate events in Brady’s life have finally caught up to him during sleep time.

Tom Brady Talks About His Sleepless Nights 

It so happens that more than the misfortunate happenings in his personal life, it’s his professional life that has been the source of his sleepless nights. 

The NFL Quarterback opened up about what’s going on with his sleep schedule, and what particularly keeps him up at night, other than scrolling through social media. 

"It is your fault when you lose, and you take it personally when you lose. And you shouldn't sleep at night when you lose.. You should only think about what you need to do to help the team more, and that's what I lay in bed at night after games thinking about.. Obviously there are challenges every year. Everyone has unique challenges on and off the field, and you work as hard as you can with the circumstances that are presented before you."

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Haven’t Had The Season They Expected 

The NFL isn’t a cakewalk, and even with the best of athletes, teams fall behind. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers stand at 200 points in 11 games this season, which is a huge drop from their 347 points last season around the same time. 

Historically, it’s not easy for teams to make it to the playoffs with 200 points from 11 games. 

This is one of the lowest-scoring teams Tom Brady has played in, but the fans haven’t lost their confidence in Brady. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have the chance to make it to the playoffs if they secure a victory against the Saints, or will the Quarterback face his first losing season?

Tom Brady Has Secured A Future Deal As A Commentator 

Tom Brady
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Once Brady decides to retire once and for all, he doesn’t want to stop his life from revolving around football. As a result, he has secured a $375 Million deal for 10 years as the NFL Lead Analyst with Fox Sports. 

Now, not everyone was thrilled to hear this news as some fans of the game believe that Tom Brady will not do adequate research that will qualify him as an analyst.

What Happened With Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen? 

Tom Brady had retired from football, but that retirement lasted 40 days as he felt he belonged on the field. He explained that there was still time before he retired for good, and did not want to restrict himself to the stands when he clearly had more football left in him!

On the other hand, his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen wanted him to keep his word and be around the family more. When that didn’t happen, the couple fell apart, and finalized their divorce. 

As an ex-married couple, their focus is on co-parenting their children without hassle.. and ensuring the children’s lives do not spiral out of control because of the divorce!