Redditor Shares A Glimpse Of Neighbor's Unique Driveway Feature

Ashley Hunte
A man shoveling snow off his driveway.
Unsplash | Filip Mroz

Now that we're entering the winter months, it's time to dust off the snow shovel or make sure your snow blower isn't broken. Either way, you're bound to complain every snowfall about how you can't get out of your driveway without spending at least a half hour digging your car out of the snow.

Or, you could invest in a heated driveway. They're definitely a luxury item, but for some people, it might just be worth it. Still, they aren't that common, even within the coldest parts of the country.

One Reddit user called thepoorgroomsbride spotted their neighbor's heated driveway taking care of business during a snowfall. So naturally, they snapped a pic and uploaded it to the Mildly Interesting community.

The User Posted The Pic, Which Was Honestly Kind Of Beautiful.

A heated driveway melting fresh snow.
reddit | thepoorgroomsbride

It Showed The Majesty Of Winter, As Well As The Convenience Of The Heated Driveway.

Snow falling in a small town at night.
Unsplash | Josh Hild

The pic was taken from a window out of OP's house, showing how, while other driveways were covered with fresh snow that evening, the neighbor with the heated driveway didn't have that problem. Lines of exposed driveway showed where the heated elements were underneath the regular asphalt of the driveway.

Meanwhile, even the street was covered in snow. It kind of makes you wonder how a heated driveway will fare against the pile of snow the plow will leave in the morning.

Reddit Users Had So Many Questions And Comments.

Users discuss how much energy this kind of system uses.
reddit | smthngwyrd

Some commenters wondered how much energy it would take to run a heated driveway. But it doesn't seem like it would actually waste that much energy or heat. After all, it's just melting the snow; it's not like the driveway is supposed to be warm and toasted like a heated bathroom floor or something.

Others, Of Course, Thought Of The Cats.

Users begin discussing stray cats.
reddit | ashda1st

This kind of thing does seem like it would be a hotbed for stray cats. Then again, if a heated driveway is melting snow but not actually making the driveway warm, cats probably wouldn't even bother hanging around.

A Commenter Even Brought Up A City With Its Own Heated Street And Sidewalk System.

A user mentions Holland, Michigan, which has the largest municipally run heated sidewalk system in the country.
reddit | TheAmazingDisgrace

Holland, Michigan, has the largest municipally-run heated sidewalk and street system in all of North America (you'd think a Canadian city would hold that record).

According to the user who commented about the city, the system has been around since the 80s and uses a series of running tubes to heat the underside of streets and sidewalks. That's actually so cool!