Halle Berry Stuns Fans Again With Iconic Bikini Scene For 'James Bond' Anniversary

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Halle Berry
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Halle Berry dropped jaws recently as she shared her iconic Jinx ocean exit from the movie Die Another Day. The Oscar winner this year joins celebrities including British actor Daniel Craig in celebrating 60 years since the spy franchise, although it was a 20-year anniversary she was marking earlier this month. Posting to Instagram and to Twitter, Halle showed off her stunning bikini body in an iconic scene from the 2002 movie. The two-decade-old flick costarred Pierce Brosnan, whose Bond character was definitely seen eyeing Halle's killer figure up in the footage.

Stuns In Soaking Wet Bikini

Halle Berry
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The scene showed the 56-year-old actress stripped down to her tiny orange bikini, one now easily associated with her Jinx character. Rocking her choppy pixie cut, Halle drew attention to her sizzling curves with a bombshell ocean exit - she's seen emerging from the ocean as James Bond views her through a pair of binoculars.

Throwing her drenched head back, Halle also flaunted her wowing assets while in a plunging and stringy orange bikini. The swimwear came paired with a statement and metal-accent white belt. Halle also highlighted her toned legs and abs as she very much impressed womanizer James.

It's Been 20 Years!

In her caption, Halle wrote: "It’s been 20 years. Pierce Brosnan forever my BOND!" In a separate share, one offering a little BTS into the thoughts inside Halle's head, the Monster's Ball star told her followers:

"So the biggest acting challenge I had during this scene was to make it look like the water was warm … when I was actually freezing my butt off Happy 20 years to Die Another Day." In the bikini footage, after Jinx makes it onto land and meets Bond, she's told: "Beautiful view" by the witty character. Pierce, meanwhile, has been in the news this year for welcoming his fourth grandchild, a boy born on November 12.

Drawn To The Role

Halle has opened up on what drew her to the Jinx character, definitely one of the edgiest Bond girls.

"I was really excited about Bond because that’s a franchise that’s iconic. It’s a part of film history, really, so to be a part of that franchise was very meaningful to me. And this version of a Bond woman was very different than any Bond woman I had seen before," she told Vanity Fair.

Running Her Brand

Outside of acting, Halle is taking the retail world by storm via her Re-Spin fitness accessories line. For more, check out her Instagram.