Lewis Hamilton Uses This Recovery Technique That Other Top Athletes Use

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Lewis Hamilton
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It’s important for athletes to include recovery methods into their fitness routines to ensure their muscles, joints, and other aspects of anatomy do not suffer from injuries, especially ones that can be avoided. 

Therefore, some choose to focus on rest days, some use de-load weeks, and certain athletes focus on cryotherapy. Lewis Hamilton is one such athlete.

Lewis Hamilton Is Among Some Of The Top Athletes To Use Cryotherapy 

It so happens that athletes such as LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are some who use cryotherapy as a form of recovery. 

This therapy works when one exposes their bare skin to an extremely low temperature (freezing cold) for a rather short period of time. It so happens that when exposed to the freezing cold, the body’s circulatory system, nervous system, and muscle fibers get worked on and increase their response. 

Ideally, the therapy is conducted in a liquid nitrogen room where the temperature ranges between -80 degrees to -190 degrees, and takes approximately 3 minutes. 

One of the primary reasons athletes use cryotherapy is because of its ability to relieve muscle fatigue. It is usually undertaken by athletes who have to run around for their sport such as basketball, tennis, soccer, etc.

Lewis Hamilton Is Including More Variations To His Fitness Routine

It so happens that the F1 driver is looking into other forms of fitness routines and trying to create a variation. 

He’s changed the way he focuses on fitness and is trying new things such as Pilates with new movements. Lewis Hamilton is tailoring it to what suits him now rather than trying to constantly do the routine that worked for him when he was ten years younger.

The F1 Driver Is Trying To Make Other Changes Too 

It so happens that legendary F1 driver Sebastian Vettel retired after a grand career of 15 years. 

To celebrate his legacy, Lewis Hamilton gathered all 20 drivers and invited them for a dinner in Abu Dhabi. He even paid for the entire dinner!

This was the first time since 2016 that everyone went for dinner together, and hopefully, it’ll become a tradition now!

"I thought it was really important. That's why I asked the group in Mexico whether they'll be open to all doing dinner to give Seb a farewell. We hadn't had a dinner like this since years ago in China."

What Is Lewis Hamilton Doing Now?

Lewis Hamilton
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This season has not been good for the seven-time world champion. 2022 ended in P6 for him, and that too without a single victory. There have been questions about Mercedes' underperforming car, but there are other F1 drivers who are climbing the victory ladder one race at a time.

Of course, Lewis Hamilton wants the 8th victory and will bounce back stronger. It's doubtful he will quit before that happens. But will it be next season or does the seven-time champion have to wait a little while longer?

Hopefully, he will not have to wait too long, and will be able to make a strong comeback next season itself!