Guy Pretends Fiancée Is A Stranger After She's Kicked Off Flight

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Going on vacation is a whole lot of fun for everyone. However, traveling, in itself, can be rather annoying. There are so many rules and regulations when it comes to flying that it is almost annoying having to pack for a trip. Airlines have such specific things that flyers can and cannot do, it's almost hard to keep up with all of it. Many times, travelers try their hardest to pass onto a flight—even with bags too big and items too large.

Some airlines will look the other way, letting you board your flight in peace and style. Other times, things go downhill pretty quickly. This can land you off the plane and right back in the airport, sometimes.

One Reddit User Recently Shared The Story of His Fiancée Getting Thrown Off of Their Flight

Fiance thrown off flight
reddit | Reddit

Fiance thrown off flight
reddit | Reddit

When His Fiancée Was Thrown Off The Flight, He Pretended He Didn't Know Her

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The Reddit user's fiancée was ill-prepared for the flight, ignoring the airline's restrictions for bags on board. While the Reddit user was careful with his luggage size, his fiancée was not. When the airline stopped her, she decided she would try and outrun them, boarding the flight with her oversized luggage instead of just simply checking her bag.

TSA and security were not having it. They entered their fully-boarded flight and told the woman she had to exit the plane and bring her stuff with her. When they asked the Reddit user if they were traveling together, he simply blurted out, "no." He ended up flying home by himself, and his fiancée was forced to catch the next flight out.

He does add, however, he had to get home early for a major work deadline that he could not miss. Despite this, his fiancée is furious with him.

Some People Were Ready to Side With His Fiancée But Changed Their Mind

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Many Reddit users said at first, they were going to side with his fiancée seeing as he "abandoned her." But, after reading the full story, they think that it's really her own fault. She knew that her bag was too big, but she tried to disobey the rules regardless.

Others Said This is a Sign Not To Marry Her

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Some were on board with the fact that his fiancée definitely was in the wrong and that she should not have acted the way she did. However, they also felt like it was a huge sign to not marry her at all. If he was going to leave her in this situation, it could only get worse.