Cast Members Reveal How This Show's Creator Allegedly Threatened Their Careers

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
'One Tree Hill' Cast

Shortly after the drama television series One Tree Hill began airing in September 2003, it became a big hit. The show's story revolved around two half-brothers Nathan and Lucas' attempt to deal with their lives and bond over their love for basketball in the small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. After airing for nine seasons, the series finally ended in April 2012. 

However, many years later, viewers have not forgotten Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz, who played the roles of Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, and Haley James Scott in the series. In June 2021, the trio launched the Drama Queens podcast, with the aim of sharing their experiences and many other things while filming One Tree Hill in North Carolina. Here are some of the juicy secrets Sophia, Hilarie, and Bethany have revealed.

The Producers Once Threatened The Podcast Hosts' Careers

In the latest episode of the podcast, the One Tree Hill stars claimed that the show's producers had coerced them into doing a Maxim shoot when they didn't want to. According to them, the series creator Mark Schwan allegedly threatened their careers if they refused to pose. Sophia made it known that she was uncomfortable about doing the cover because her character had been overly sexualized already.

On the other hand, Bethany said another co-star replaced her on the shoot because of her body shape. According to the actress, they didn't want to approach her because they felt she was too fat. For Hilarie, it was a case of low self-esteem. She confessed that the producers made it look like no one wanted her and if she didn't pose to attract more male numbers, her career would be over.

Bethany Had A Crush On The Show 

Bethany Joy Lenz of 'One Tree Hill' fame
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Craig Sheffer is known for his acting skills, but his good looks have also brought him some attention. During an episode of the Drama Queens podcast, Bethany, Hilarie, and Sophia admitted that the actor was hot while playing Keith Scott on the show. In fact, Bethany said she had a huge crush on him. The actress also recalled how Craig finally learned about her crush on him.

According to her, they were at a dinner with Paul Johansson, who loved seeing people in awkward positions. Then, Paul told Craig that Bethany had a huge crush on him and was in love with him. The actress disclosed that at that moment, she was embarrassed and her face turned beet red.

Keith Scott's Death Also Shocked Craig

What are the chances that an actor gets shocked by his character's death in a movie? Well, it is not impossible, as this was the case for Craig. The actor joined the hosts on the podcast in an April 2022 episode to share the shocking revelation. According to Craig, Mark had assured him that his character, Keith would not be written off as he was based on the creator's brother.

However, one day, Mark called him and told him that at some point, Paul Johansson would shoot and kill him. Craig said he wasn't happy about it, as it went against their previous agreement. Sadly, just like he was told, Keith Scott died in the series's third season.

Hilarie's Husband Auditioned For The Keith Scott Role

Hilarie Burton is happily married to fellow movie star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. During one of the podcast's episodes, the actress stated that when she and her man first met, he told her he auditioned to play the Keith role. Unfortunately, it didn't work out well for Jeffrey, but he would land roles in other movies.

Overall, all thanks to the Drama Queens podcast, fans have found out about some of the series's secrets. With a new episode released every three to four days, netizens hope to have more glimpses of One Tree Hill casting secrets.