Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Dropping To 100 Pounds Was 'Really Scary'

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Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily Ratajkowski has opened up on dropping to only 100 pounds, something she said happened recently. The supermodel, 31, opened up on her new High Low with EmRata podcast this week. On Tuesday, she told listeners that the weight loss was "really scary". The drop came as Emily ended her marriage to estranged husband Sebastian Bear Mc-Clard - the former couple wed in 2018 and ended things this year. Emily, who largely makes headlines for her enviably slim figure and rock-hard abs, was addressing the negative sides of weight loss and the reality of losing too much weight.

Dropping To 100 Pounds

Emily was in conversation with Mia Khalifa, who shared:

"Every day is an uphill battle. I fluctuate like 40 pounds a year. It really depends on my schedule, what I’m doing, if I’m depressed ... I really give myself a lot of slack and I don’t beat myself up."

When Mia said that her weight was often affected by her mental state, Emily chimed in. The Inamorata founder said: "I think trauma lives in the body, that’s been my experience. I actually go the other way. When I’m really unwell, I lose so much weight. I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary."

Not Always What It Seems

Photos of Emily are often the object of worship. The My Body author made her career as an A-Lister via her Blurred Lines video feature in 2013, then went on to become a catwalk queen. However, Emily revealed in her podcast just how terrifying her weight loss was. She's also addressed her body, revealing the "sick relationship" she had with it in her twenties.

"I was commodifying my body and it was my living and also like, how I became famous, and it became my career and my whole identity," she told Yahoo Life. "I didn't want to just be a body, I never had."

Pete Davidson Romance

In November, EmRata is making relationship headlines as she bounces back from her recent split. She's now gone public with comedian and actor Pete Davidson, himself recently single following a nine-month relationship with mogul Kim Kardashian.

Happier Now That She's Heavier Again

Emily also spoke of her recovery: "Now I’ve gained weight and it’s like, for me, it’s a huge game-changer and it’s how I know I’m happy," she told her listeners, adding that she loves to wear things that make her feel sexy. For more from Emily, check out her Instagram.