'The Big Bang Theory' Star Shares Hilarious Unnoticed Detail On The Enormous Painting Of Penny And Amy

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'The Big Bang Theory' Cast
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Mayim Bialik revealed a little-known secret about the historic Amy-Penny BFF painting from The Big Bang Theory. The beloved CBS comedy, which had a successful 12-season run, has had countless hilarious moments but the episode where Amy Farrah Fowler gifts Penny a huge painting definitely ranks as one of the top funniest ones.

According to Bialik, there was a lot more to that story behind the scenes, which makes the painting even more amusing!

Scroll down to see what Bialik had to say.

The Story Behind THAT Painting

In the book The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, it was revealed that there is one standout detail in the painting that was added in without their knowledge.

Bialik shared that while she and co-star Kaley Cuoco posed for photos together, she never had her hand on Cuoco's shoulder. That was a last-minute addition the painter added and it caught her by surprise.

That's Not My Hand!

"Kaley and I posed for some photos that the painter based it on, but my hand was not over her shoulder originally, so that was added in. But for whatever reason, if you look super close, it definitely doesn’t look like a woman’s hand. It’s certainly not my hand. And so every time I look at it, all I can see is this giant hand!"

While the artwork captured the characters' personalities, that hand definitely looks a little out of place.

Celebrating Their Friendship

Amy and Penny looking at their friendship painting.
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In season 5, episode 17, Amy gifts Penny, who she considers her best friend, with a large portrait painting that she commissioned for $3,000. The illustration depicts Amy looking happy and Penny with an awkward smile - the perfect visual representation of their relationship.

While Penny hated the painting, she had to pretend she loved it to avoid breaking Amy's heart. To make her friend feel appreciated, Penny would hang it on the wall whenever Amy was around but also took it off as soon as she was gone. Penny's antics were eventually exposed, causing Amy to take back her gift. The two talked it out and the episode ended with them displaying the painting back in Penny's apartment.

Where Is The Painting Now?

Many fans have been wondering where the painting is now. According to reports, the painting stayed in creator Chuck Lorre's office after the show wrapped in 2019. It's unclear where it resides nowadays but it will surely be remembered as one of the most memorable props of the hit TV show!