Netflix’s 'Wednesday' Series Sets Interesting Rotten Tomatoes Record For 'The Addams Family'

Jordan Claes
Wednesday Addams holding two bags of piranha in Netflix's 'Wednesday'.
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After months of eager anticipation, Tim Burton's Wednesday has now officially begun streaming on Netflix. And while the show boasts stellar performances from Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen, fans seem somewhat divided on what to think.

However, in almost no time at all, Wednesday has managed to set a very interesting record for The Addams Family as it pertains to the movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes — becoming the highest-ranking adaptation of The Addams Family since the TV show first premiered back in the 1960s.

'Wednesday' Is The Latest Chapter In The Long History Of 'The Addams Family'.

Jenna Ortega wearing her school uniform in 'Wednesday'.
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Created/directed by the legendary Tim Burton, Wednesday stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, Juan Guzman as Gomez, and Fred Armisen as zany Uncle Fester.

The series has been a bit of a mixed bag as far as reviews are concerned, garnering a Tomatometer Score of 69% against an Audience Score of 88%. While those numbers are far from the most impressive Rotten Tomatoes has ever seen, it's more than enough to have set an interesting record for The Addams Family and its various adaptations.

'Wednesday' Is Now Officially The Highest Ranking Adaptation Of 'The Addams Family' Since The Premiere Of The 1960s TV Show.

A black and white photo of the original cast of 'The Addams Family' in 1964.
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The original 1960s TV show boasts an impressive Tomatometer Score of 100% with an Audience Score of 93% — a testament to the show's staying power and overall quality. However, the renowned 1991 adaptation, The Addams Family, starring Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston has a questionable score of 67 and 66%, respectively. Its cult classic sequel, The Addams Family Values, managed to become "Certified Fresh" with a Tomatometer Score of 74% but the Audience Score pales in comparison, sitting at just 63%.

Many Fans Have Credited Jenna Ortega's Performance As A Key Indicator Of 'Wednesday''s Impressive Audience Score.

Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester in 'Wednesday'.
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However, one key casting of a particular Addams family member has arguably stolen the show — Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester. The former SNL mainstay steals every scene and is easily one of the most memorable aspects of the entire series.

The response on social media has been almost unanimous, with countless users praising Armisen for his stellar performance. "I have a lot of thoughts about Wednesday," one reviewer wrote. "But one thing’s for sure: Fred Armisen as Fester was genius casting."

"I think Jenna Ortega did an amazing job as Wednesday," Another User Wrote.

"Morticia and Gomez were also well cast and portrayed (mostly). Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester was genius imo, i[sic] loved him."

All eight episodes of Wednesday are now readily available to stream on Netflix. So for those of you who still feel stuck halfway between Christmas and Halloween, this delightfully dreadful sure-to-be cult classic is right up your alley (snap, snap).