Unique Friendship Blooms When Kitten and Owl Meet For the First Time

Sarah Kester
Owl with yellow eyes
Unsplash | Dirk van Wolferen

The animal food chain pretty much determines which animals will be friends.

A mouse and a snake. A lion and a tortoise. And a bear and a deer. Yeah, these animals aren't likely to be BFFs anytime soon.

But what about a sweet kitten and an owl? When TikToker @Axelavram posted a video of an owl meeting a kitten for the first time, it proved that the most unlikely of friendships are usually the sweetest ones.

In the Wild, a Cat and Owl Wouldn't Get Along

Concerned kitten
Unsplash | Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪

Laws of the Animal Kingdom state that a predator isn't likely to befriend its prey. And since an owl is a prey animal that uses its sharp claws to hunt for small animals, this means that a kitten would make, well, a great lunch. Sadly.

But in a controlled environment? These two animals got along great when @Axelavram put them together. The TikToker owns many beautiful owls and knows how to keep them safe.

The Video Shows Both Animals Intrigued By Each Other

Kitten and owl meeting
TikTok | @axelavram

A tiny kitten with big ears sat on top of a radiator while the owl sat on a ledge above it. With its wings opened wide, the owl leaned down and gave the tiny kitten a curious stare. Or, at least it looked curious. Owls tend to look like you just asked them for a ride to the airport, 24/7.

The owl then took a few tiny steps toward the kitten, who continued to stare up at the majestic beast. If they had a staring contest, the owl would obviously win. Owls have three eyelids!

Many People Found the Interaction Fascinating

"They are looking at each other like what in the world is that," one user wrote. This is true. We're not sure if either had seen each other's specie before. "Checking each other out how adorable," another wrote. "WHOOOO ARE YOU," joked a third.

However, Some Viewers Expressed Concern for the Kitten

One user commented on how the kitten is the main course in nature. Another simply stated that the cat shouldn't be around the owl, regardless of whether it's a controlled environment or not. All it would take is one swipe from the owl's sharp claws!

"The owl can cause some serious damage to the kitty," a third wrote. Meanwhile, some are calling on the user to post the kitty again. "I need to see kitten again just to make sure he wasn’t din din...," a concerned user commented.