Kim Kardashian Posts Subtle Hint About Failed Relationship With Pete Davidson

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Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian is constantly making headlines with her brand SKIMS, along with the infamous show The Kardashians. Recently, her ex-boyfriend moved on with another woman, and she may have finally reacted to it

Kim Kardashian Shared An Excerpt Which Raised Eyebrows

The entrepreneur took to social media to post an excerpt from Robin Sharma’s book The Everyday Hero Manifesto. She took it from the chapter 40 Things I Wish I’d Known Before 40

She posted a three-part story on social media which was about relationship advice. 

First: “That if you risk all for love and it doesn’t work out, there is no failure because all love stories are, in truth, hero tales.”

Second: “And no growth of the heart is a waste. Ever.”

Third: “Your choice of relationship partner is one of the main sources of your success (or failure), joy (or misery) and tranquility (or worry).”

The fact that she posted these the day Pete Davidson was photographed with his girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski, celebrating Thanksgiving, had everyone asking if this was about Pete Davidson.

Did Kim Kardashian Want To Make Pete Davidson Jealous?

Previously, Kim Kardashian had posted a photograph with a huge bouquet of roses. She did not reveal who they were from, but the comment section was full of guesses. 

Many of them are convinced that Kim Kardashian got the flowers herself, and it was an attempt to make Pete Davidson jealous.

What Happened Between Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian? 

After Kim Kardashian applied for divorce, she remained single for a while before dating Pete Davidson. Their relationship was one of the juiciest topics for the entire time they were together. 

It was one of the primary topics that Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West was constantly posting about, making fun of and instigating people against the comedian. 

However, they were together for nine months before breaking it off. Reportedly, their demanding schedules did not enable them to invest the required time into the relationship. But they decided to remain friends even after the breakup.

Who Is Kim Kardashian Dating Now? 

Kim Kardashian
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Currently, it’s unknown if Kim Kardashian is dating anyone or not. She hasn’t been photographed or seen with anyone since her breakup with Pete Davidson. 

Moreover, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she wants to focus on her brand, SKIMS, and the well-being & happiness of her four children. But she has revealed that when she’s ready to be with someone else, she’ll be looking at different places.