Mariah Carey's Net Worth Skyrockets Every Christmas!

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When Mariah Carey released Merry Christmas in 1994, she didn't realize how much of a hit her intro, All I Want for Christmas, would be worldwide. The record-breaking seasonal song became an everlasting hit such that it charts on the Billboard Hot 100 every holiday season since its release 28 years ago!

The sign made Carey some cool hundreds of thousands of dollars between 1994 and 2019, but the success of the streaming platform blew it up even more. Audiences outside America gained access to her catalog, thus introducing the timeless classic to a new generation.

How much exactly does Carey make from All I Want for Christmas? 

Halloween-To-Christmas Transitions - 'It's Time!'

The Queen of Christmas knows how much pull she gets during the holidays. Fans always look forward to her Halloween-to-Christmas transitions yearly, and this year's video brought in a whopping 75 million views on Instagram and counting. Last year's video capped at 51.8 million views, and the increment this year tells you how many more new audiences she gains yearly.

Now imagine how much she makes in revenue from everyone listening to her song! All I Want for Christmas is the season's staple from the stores to the radio stations, house stereos, and movies.

A Record-Breaking Smash Hit

All I Want for Christmas is a Diamond Single in the US for selling at least 10 million units, and it's a member of Spotify's Billion Streams club. 

The Economist reported Carey's revenue from the single was $60 million ($2.4 million/yr.) between 1994 to 2016 (Nicki Minaj won the streaming rights case in court that year). From 2017 to 2022, the figure increased due to artist receiving their dues from streamers.

Carey Rakes In Over $10 Million From 'AIWFC'

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carey is the second best-selling female artist of all time with a net worth of $320 million, and more than 20 percent of that value comes from her Christmas hit single.

The singer has over 200 million album sales worldwide with multiple awards, including an induction into the ASCAP Songwriter's Hall of Fame this year.

The publication puts Carey's revenue from All I Want for Christmas at almost $100 million thanks to the increased $16.2 million revenue in 2021.

YouTube Isn't Left Behind

CDs of Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas
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The music video also got a revamp treatment from Carey once she realized All I Want for Christmas went viral. The new video has 300 million views, while the original 1994 one has 735 million views and counting. It's expected to make even more money this year with social media blowing up her title as the Queen of Christmas.

Watch them both below