The Internet Reacts To Mariah Carey Headlining Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

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Mariah Carey is the undisputed Queen of Christmas and has the net worth/yearly royalties to prove it. Since 1994, her single, All I Want for Christmas, returns to the Billboard Hot 100 every holiday, making the star several millions of dollars.

News of Carey's yearly royalties reached the internet, specifically Twitter sending fans into a frenzy over her two-decades-old song. Besides the holiday cash out, Carey sits on the list of the highest-selling recording artists of all time.

Performing At Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Forget faux modesty - Carey owned her position unapologetically with her significant crown during the annual thanksgiving parade by Macy's. Although she performed her smash hit with the enthusiasm of someone ready to smile to the bank once more, fans couldn't help but notice she lip-synced her set.

This led to a debate on Twitter about the singer's abilities and the possibility of her losing them. However, old tweets from John Legend confirmed that she's still got it, and Macy's Thanksgiving parade always uses lip-syncing because its floating set can't accommodate a live performance.

Making A Smash Hit And Yearly Record-Breaker

Thanks to streaming services blowing up in the late 2010s due to Nicki Minaj's campaign and successful court case, Carey's former $600,000+ yearly revenue increased to millions. In 2021, she made a whopping $16.2 million from All I Want for Christmas, while the rest came between 1994 to 2019.

Two years ago, Carey remixed the song's video calling the new one Make a Wish Come True with modern elements. It now has over 300 million views, while the original has more than 70 million views.

Making Waves On YouTube

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The Spotify stats are equally impressive, with over a billion streams making Carey a member of the streamer's exclusive Billion's Club. Earlier this month, the 52-year-old reportedly filed to trademark the title Queen of Christmas, but the court ruled against it.

Carey's twin children, Roc and Roe, featured in the new video as a dancer in her winter wonderland, and they reprised their roles during her Thanksgiving Parade performance. The singer shared the video on Instagram and praised them for making her proud.

Watch the Original video below

The Queen Of Christmas

Carey has more Christmas performances slated for this year, including an NBC special in December. Besides her money in royalties, the booking fees are enough to keep her afloat as a sure income every year.

It'll be long before anyone else's Christmas song overtakes All I Want For Christmas. Other songs trend yearly, but none are nearly as global as Carey's hit.