Celebrities That People Think Are Not As Good-Looking As Everyone Believes

Lex Gabrielle
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Celebrities are just like us, right? Except, of course, they are far richer and lead much more exciting lives than we do. When it comes to celebrities, one thing truly sets them apart from us average Joe, and that, of course, is wealth. Many times, individuals believe that it's the good looks and the charm that sets celebs apart from the regular folks of the world. But, many would argue most celebrities that people drool over are not precisely good-looking. There's a ton of debate over whether or not many celebs are actually drool-worthy at all.

Blake Shelton

Oiauen admitted that Blake Shelton, the country singer who is married to none other than Gwen Stefani, was named "Sexiest Man Alive" one year by People Magazine—although, not many people agreed he truly deserved that title. In fact, many argued he was not sexy at all.


Mundane__Detail shared that while many people believe that Drake, the rapper who was a former actor on the Canadian show Degrassi, is really "hot," she just thinks that he is "truly unremarkable." She did share that many women she knows feel he is super hot though.

Mick Jagger

"Even when he was young, he looked like a Muppet to me, I just don't get women who drool over him. Ditto for Rod Stewart. 'If you want my body and you think I'm sexy...' Ew, no thank you," said SpaceySquidd.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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Bakayaro_Konoyaro argued that no one in their right mind should truly think that Chris Brown is good-looking any longer. After what happened between him and Rihanna, there is absolutely nothing that can be redeeming about him moving forward.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine has had a ton of controversy surrounding him recently after he was caught DM'ing a few other women while his wife was pregnant with his child. While some argue he's a snake, others think he's good-looking. Except, Reddit users disagree, with some calling him, "thumb with glued on ears and glued on patchy face hair that someone else shaved off first."

Jared Leto

For 30 Seconds to Mars fans, Jared Leto is a real God. But, NovelGoddess doesn't necessarily agree with that logic. In fact, she feels like he looks more like "he doesn't bathe and there are all the stories of his 'method' acting."

Leonardo DiCaprio

ThatSICILIANThing was bold enough to proclaim that the one and only Leo used to be good-looking, but since he aged, he is no longer that heartthrob that everyone wants to date so badly. In fact, she compared him to look more like Jack Nicholson.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
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magikcat1010 pointed out that many online people obsess over the Kardashians, especially Kylie Jenner, for their looks. However, she said that Kylie is the one who looks pretty tore up—way older than she actually is. Others said that the Kardashians look like they are all store-bought.

Chrissy Teigen

beingblacksux100 was shocked to realize that Chrissy Teigen is a model. Many online pointed out that she was a model but unrecognizable and unknown until she married John Legend, who made her a bit more "famous" than her average modeling gigs.

Channing Tatum

UnicornPoopPile said that there are so many women who drool over Channing Tatum, wishing that they can find a man who looks like him. However, not all on Reddit agreed. Some said that his face is just average and he just has washboard abs and that's pretty much it.

Nicole Kidman

mrRabblerouser shared that Nicole Kidman was once a gorgeous woman with so much beauty. Now, she is "unwatchable" in movies since having plastic surgery. "She has no range of emotions with her facial features anymore and she just looks like a beekeeper who’s allergic to bees."

Bella Hadid

"If you look at pictures of her when she was like 14 she had a nose that clearly would make it impossible for her to be a model. When she was around 19 or 20 she looked beautiful. Fast forward about 5 or 6 years and she's had massive plastic surgery where her nose is now way too skinny and she looks like an alien," shared lllrk.


While once at the peak of the music industry and the woman everyone wanted, Madonna has come a long way—and not in a good way. Many argue online she has "destroyed" her face and taken on that of a botox sensation. Some say she cannot even be recognized or compared to what she previously looked like.

Pete Davidson

"I remember in my Chemistry class we would have these stupid but fun discussions and one of them was about celebrities you hate and someone mentioned Pete Davidson and some girls were talking about how he’s 'ugly hot,'" shared CaptainAyaAay28again.

Ariana Grande

eltara3 admitted that Ariana Grande used to be beautiful until she got plastic surgery to look like every other social media influencer online currently. She changed her entire appearance, and some would even argue about her skin tone, as well.

Justin Bieber

The former teenage heartthrob was worshiped by young girls in their adolescence. However, since he has gotten older, many online argue he has lost his "sweet" appearance. In fact, many think that he looks as though he's an "old man" who "smells bad."

Sarah Jessica Parker

kmill0202 pointed out that for years, many thought that Sarah Jessica Parker was "hideous." Despite having such a hit TV series and being extremely famous, still, many argue that she is not "Hollywood beautiful" and instead, a tad awkward looking.

Harry Styles

JohnnyDaKlown shared that while many women think Harry Styles is incredibly attractive and sexy, he really looks like he is "greasy" all of the time. It could stem from his longer hair, but it's not out of the question.

Julia Fox

"For me its just she has an unidentifiable face. You can put up 10 pictures of her and I would not think all or any of the pictures were her. Like she's beautiful but so not unique enough that she's memorable. If that makes sense," said MaraMarieMadd.