Fans React After Tom Brady Predicts His Future As A Broadcaster

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury
Tom Brady
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Every athlete needs to retire someday, but once they leave the game behind, there needs to be something next. However, this “something next” is almost usually related to the sport itself. 

Tom Brady Knows His ‘Something Next’

It so happens that the NFL Quarterback is yet to retire. Even though he did for 40 days, he came back to the field because he realized that’s where he belongs. 

However, he’ll have to retire someday, and when that happens, he will possibly join FOX’s No. 1 broadcasting booth. Reportedly, Tom Brady has signed a $300 Million plus deal to call NFL games with the network.

What Type Of Broadcaster Will Tom Brady Be Like?

Tom Brady
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While it’s yet to be known what Tom Brady will be like as a broadcaster, the Quarterback has an opinion about what he’ll be like. He compared himself to Johnny Miller from golf telecasts. 

“I just feel like there’s probably more Johnny Miller in me, where when I used to watch him on golf telecasts, it was just scathing sometimes. ‘What, that guy choked under pressure?’ or whatever. That’s essentially how I end up seeing the game a lot now. Not that I want to be negative, but I do want to point out — and Belichick taught this to me a lot — it’s hard to win a game in the NFL, there’s more games lost in the NFL than they’re won. If you don’t screw it up, you’ve got a great chance to win. Because most people do just mess it up.”

Fans React To Tom Brady Becoming A Future Announcer 

It seems like some fans aren’t quite happy or content with Brady’s news. They feel that Tom Brady will not do the research needed to be a broadcaster like Johnny Miller. 

What Is Going On With Tom Brady? 

Recently, Brady’s divorce with Gisele Bündchen was finalized. In fact, their reason for divorce was Tom Brady not deciding to retire, when his ex-wife was expecting him to finally do his part in the family, and not just financially. 

When Brady returned to the field after 40 days, it seemed that was the final nail to the coffin of their marriage. However, Brady revealed he has no regrets about returning to the field following his short-term retirement. 

Nevertheless, they’ve parted on mutual terms and their sole focus as parents is to find a hassle-free way to co-parenting. As a result, Gisele Bündchen purchased a mansion opposite the creek to Tom Brady’s mansion.