Kaz Kamwi's Hair Care Secrets - The Five Minutes Hack

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Kaz Kamwi
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Love Island UK series seven finalist Kaz Kamwi recently collaborated with hair extension brand, Easilocks and shared her favorite haircare tips and secrets. The brand is famous for catering to celebrities and socialites, from the Jenners to the Hadids.

Partnering with Easilocks came easy for Kamwi because her hairstyling as an Afro-British girl with Type 4C hair led to styling questions from fans. She became hands-on with producing her limited-collection line with Easilocks to do right by her followers and answer all their questions.

Partnering With Easilocks

Kamwi had one motive when creating the styles - Easy and Quick! Hairstyling shouldn't be stressful, in her opinion, so after scarfing through hundreds of samples, the 28-year-old settled on easy-to-wear clip-on and extensions.

Never mind that she equated the process to choosing between several brands and flavors of a favorite treat like chocolate. Another concern for Kamwi was matching textures as she wears her natural hair.

Growing up, it was a hassle because she didn't understand her hair texture but now that she's older, styling it comes easy.

Protective Styling For The Win

"And I always say to people, it's all a journey and the journey is ongoing."

Kamwi swears by protective styling to keep her hair from breakage and shedding. She wears it in braided cornrows for at least two weeks between other styles to allow her edges and scalp to breathe.

Haircare for Kamwi is a journey, and she reckons one's hair would only stay healthy for as long as one nurtures it.

Take the Easilocks silky straight headband wig, for instance; it requires no glues, heat, or sprays and sits seamlessly on the head like a sew-in or lace frontal. The only difference is the fancy headband on the front replacing the typical lace frontal.

It's the one on the left with Kamwi in an all-pink outfit.

The Ponytail Clip-On Suit Natural Hair

Another quick style from her collection is the clip-on ponytails in two curly designs as seen on Instagram. Underneath the wig, Kamwi straightened and styled her edges into baby hairs before packing them into a small pigtail bun. One of the ponytails came in a natural hair texture to fit seamlessly with type four tresses.

All The Wigs In The Collection Are Versatile

All the wigs in the collection as easy-to-wear and versatile making them functional and worth the investment per Kamwi. For instance, the ponytails can go into pigtails if you buy twin sets or a low ponytail in the center or on the side.

The headband wig can also form pigtails or a low or high ponytail, depending on your interest.