Jennifer Lopez Goes Dark On Social Media, Posts Major Announcement

Ashley Hunte
The singer and actress recently deleted all the posts on her public social media accounts.
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Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez gained a lot of attention after she deleted all the content on her Instagram account, and replaced her profile picture with a black image. The singer and actress, 53, is usually an active user of the platform, so the total blackout came as a surprise to fans.

It wasn't just her Instagram that got the blackout treatment; all of her social media accounts, including Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook had the same black profile picture, and posts were removed. The move has sparked a lot of speculation as to what it could mean, especially if it could mean new music is on the way.

Fans Couldn't Help But Wonder What Was Going On.

How J-Lo's Instagram looked this week.
instagram | @jlo via Variety

For the past few days, going to J-Lo's Instagram page would give you pretty much nothing. Other than her follower account and blank profile picture, not much could be gained from the account. Variety took a screenshot showing how Lopez's profile looked over the past few days, though it has recently been updated to provide a major announcement.

As Of November 25th, There's One New Post On Her Account.

After J-Lo's sudden social media blackout, fans speculated that she was getting set to announce new music. On November 25th, which marks the 20th anniversary of her album This is Me... Then, Lopez updated her account to have a single post: an announcement for This is Me... Now. The post, which consists of a video showing how much Lopez has changed over the past couple of decades, states that This is Me... Now is a "musical experience" that will release in 2023.

This will be her first new album since A.K.A, which was released in 2014.

'This Is Me... Now' Marks A Full Circle Moment For The Artist.

Lopez finally tied the knot with Ben Affleck earlier this year, after reuniting in 2021. The couple were engaged in the early 2000s, around the time This is Me... Then released. As Today reports, this would be an excellent opportunity to call back to that time of her life.

J-Lo Is Just One Of Many Stars Who Have Used Social Media Blackouts To Prepare For Announcements.

Earlier this year, Beyoncé's social media profiles were erased prior to her announcing her Renaissance album. Taylor Swift also did something similar before announcing Reputation back in 2017.

For Jennifer Lopez fans, this surprise album announcement couldn't have come at a better time.