Paris Hilton's Beauty Secrets Revealed

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Close up of Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton is a beauty and fashion mogul who's been influencing women for more than two decades. The socialite revealed her beauty secrets to Bustle while discussing her latest fragrance, Love Rush. 

One look at Hilton's Instagram feed and you can tell she's committed to living her best life in luxury, and thanks to her background, that's easy.

The 41-year-old shares this vision with her newlywed spouse, Carter Reum, and they have a wellness spa in their million-dollar mansion for rejuvenation after spending weeks in the air and on the road.

Same Face, Same Girl, Thanks To This Routine

Hilton's love for skincare started at a tender age thanks to her equally enthused mother, Kathy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star taught her daughter the basics, from serums to eye creams.

Decades later, Hilton's skincare has evolved into a more complex routine with multiple steps, especially now that she's in her forties. She uses everything from anti-aging serums to oxygen facials, stimulators, and gadget-assisted facial care products.

There's hardly a difference from the girl we knew as a youth except for a few aging structures and lines. Hilton has a strict, no-Botox/fillers policy for now hence the dedication to getting top-notch face care.

New 'Rush' Fragrance

Paris Hilton's Ruby Rush
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The socialite had a fairytale wedding last November when she tied the knot with Reum in a 3-day ceremony. This year, after Halloween, the couple celebrated their first year of marriage, and Hilton announced the launch of her latest fragrance - Love Rush. 

Love Rush is a fragrance inspired by her real-life fairytale, from the bottle shaped like her wedding dress to the floral scent which evokes sweet memories in Hilton. She confessed that she wore the fragrance when she walked down the aisle.

Love Rush is a mix of sandalwood, lush gardenia, white apricot nectar, and Italian Bergamot, per the socialite.

Hair Care Tips

Hilton's beauty secrets encompass all aspects, including haircare which she doesn't take lightly. She wears a deep-conditioning hair mask before getting a blowout. How else do you think the 41-year-old kept her blonde hair intact all these years? On lazy days, Hilton embraces her sci-fi energy and packs the locs into space buns.

Parting Beauty Tips - Lip Gloss, Eye Creams, And Face Gyms

Despite being in the air most time due to her flourishing DJ career, Hilton practices her skin care on the plane. She needs to stay moisturized all the time. More beauty secrets from the socialite include wearing shimmery lip glosses to make the lips pop, using eye creams to prevent stress bags, and using Face Gyms.